Those who were waiting for the return of the Parr family in the new superhero sequel "The Incredibles 2" will be happy to know that some new information has been brought to light regarding the cast and its story. A short clip from the movie was shown at Disney’s D23 Expo, held in California, where a lot of people got excited about the film.

The casting details

A report by Metro reveals that the cast members of the original movie will reprise their roles in “The Incredibles 2.” Director Brad Bird told The Hollywood Reporter that almost all of the cast members would return except Spencer Fox, who lent his voice to Dash Parr.

Huck Milner has reportedly replaced Fox, while Craig T. Nelson is returning as Mr. Incredible. Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, and Samuel L. Jackson are back as Mrs. Incredible, Violet, and Frozone, respectively. Brad Bird himself will lend his voice to Edna Mode.

The power-packed footage from ‘The Incredibles 2'

After months of speculation and anticipation, the superhero movie was unveiled to the world at D23 Expo in Anaheim. We have been told that the sequel will take place right after the events of the original film – a brand new scene features baby Jack-Jack.

Scripted and directed by Brad Bird, “The Incredibles 2” explores the life of Elastigirl. Though the fans knew that Jack-Jack got some new powers, Brad refused to comment about the nature of his character.

The scene that was revealed at the D23 Expo showed Mr. Incredible at home, sleeping on his couch. Jack-Jack, on the other hand, is enjoying his favorite television show. In the very next scene, Jack-Jack observes that there is a raccoon outside. The raccoon closely resembles the robber in the show Jack-Jack is watching.

No doubt, the scene is funny and action-packed, but it does not tell us anything about “The Incredibles 2.” Fans hope that Brad Bird may release some full-length trailers and posters for the movie in the coming weeks.

According to Pixar Animation Studios CCO, John Lasseter, “The Incredibles 2” will see the family opposing villains of the city. Most of the film, however, will focus on Elastigirl. Her character may leave a long-lasting impression.

Despite the fact that the sequel picks up soon after the first film, Brad Bird told Business Insider that there would be noticeable changes.

In the new footage, we see that the Parr family has a new house, as the old one blew up. Brad Bird describes it as a "cross between a super lair and a dream house.”

“The Incredibles 2” is scheduled to be released on June 15, 2018.