After four years, the highly anticipated sequel in the “Child’s Play” series is finally scheduled to be released this year. Titled “Cult Of Chucky,” the seventh installment in Chucky’s cinematic universe is expected to bring the element of madness into the sequel.

Director Don Mancini explained why he described the film as “Chucky on drugs.” On a recent episode of “Movie Crypt” podcast, which is hosted by Adam Green and Joe Lynch, Mancini said the sequel is “a mindf— movie.”

Filled with madness

As previously reported, the sequel will follow the horrifying events of the 2013 installment, “Curse of Chucky,” where Nica Pierce is confined in an insane asylum.

According to Mancini, the movie will focus on the characters confined there and “whose own perceptions of reality" are changed by their own craziness, dreams, therapy, and medication.

Mancini added that the upcoming installment is a “fun new genre prism” that will depict a “new kind of story,” while the connection between the characters of Chucky, Nica, Tiffany, and Andy Barclay remains in tact. He added that it will be interesting to see how madness impacts Chucky’s realm as the characters begin to “question reality” just like in the movies “Nightmare on Elm Street 3” and “Inception.” Furthermore, the 54-year-old “Child’s Play” creator said that it would be "fun" to watch the collision between the characters

Chucky’s arm missing?

Meanwhile, a new “Cult of Chucky” image was released.

According to Bloody Disgusting, the photo shows Chucky holding a power drill in his left hand, but what’s really mind-boggling is his missing right arm.

Cast and release date

As for the cast, Brad Dourif is making a comeback to reprise his role as Chucky. His daughter Fiona, on the other hand, will play Nica Pierce while Jennifer Tilly is also reprising her role as Tiffany.

The cast also includes horror film franchise veterans Summer H. Howell and Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay, as well as Grace Lynn Kung, Zak Santiago, and Michael Therriault.

Meanwhile, “Cult of Chucky” is not a remake but a sequel that promises to answer the mysteries of its predecessors.

The seventh installment will be released in the U.S. on Oct. 3. It will be available on Blue-Ray, DVD and Digital HD, and will include two featurettes — “Inside the Insanity of Chucky” and “Good Guy Gone Bad: The Incarnations of Chucky.”

The upcoming Chucky sequel is also part of the “Chucky: Complete 7-Movie Collection” that is set to be released on Oct. 3. Aside from the seventh Chucky installment, there are also other horror films to watch out this year including “Annabelle: Creation,” Stephen King’s “It,” “Jigsaw,” and “Leatherface.”