"Criminal Minds" is one of the most popular and long-running TV series in the United States. Hence, the police procedural was adapted for a 20-episode series which premiered in Korea's TV broadcasting network on Wednesday. The adaptation stars Lee Joon Gi (Kim Hyun Joon), Son Hyun Joo (Kang Ki Hyung), Moon Chae Won (Ha Seon Woo), Lee Sun Bin (Yoo Min Young), and Kim Yeong Cheol (Baek San).

The crime drama series first aired on CBS and CTV in 2005. Similarly, the long-running series is scheduled to return for its 12th season this September 27. The network has also renewed the program for yet another season with Matt Simmons as a series regular.

What to expect from 'Criminal Minds' remake?

Meanwhile, the Korean adaptation of "Criminal Minds" will base its storyline from the original franchise created by Jeff Davis. But unlike the American TV series, the remake will only run for 20 episodes, which will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:50 p.m. (KST) on tvN.

Earlier reports stated that the production company was initially planning for a pre-produced drama, which means all scenes are pre-recorded before the series will start airing. The production for the "Criminal Minds" remake formally kicked off with script reading, which was followed by principal photography in early April.

Actor gives promised rating to 'Criminal Minds' viewers

Lee Joon Gi, who is considered one of the most in demand actors in Korea, talked about "Criminal Minds" and his comeback in the modern world after taking part in historical dramas for the past couple of years.

The adaptation will be his first drama project after earning immense popularity for his acting in "Scarlet Heart Ryeo" last year.

“Because historical dramas have certain lines set in stone, you can’t just add adlibs freely. On the other hand, since modern dramas take place in the era that I am living in right now, I can be much more natural,” he said as per Soompi.

When asked if he is worried about his new drama, the Hallyu star admitted that he is having mixed feelings about it. "The first broadcast of a drama is always quite burdensome. It’s part excitement and part burden, but I usually feel more of the burdensome aspect," he added.

For its opening episode, the "Criminal Minds" remake garnered 5.49 percent viewership on Seoul households and a nationwide rating of 4.9 percent.

But before the series even started, the 34-year-old actor promised to produce a video which will show the ordinary lives of the "Criminal Minds" cast members if they will ever exceed seven percent in viewership ratings. “I think it’s good because viewers will enjoy watching it. I’ll even dance,” he told his fans.

Lee Joon Gi's popularity has crossed international borders after he caught the attention of director Paul Anderson, who personally picked him to join the "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" lineup. The Korean actor, who played Commander Chu, shared the big screen with Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts and more for the sci-fi film.