The San Diego Comic-Con saw the release of a brand-new trailer for “Thor: Ragnarok.” While the first trailer for the next Marvel Comics movie was all about Hela attacking Asgard, Thor getting banished, and then the sight of Thor and Hulk battling, this one actually went more in depth on the story. It all ended with Hulk and Thor sitting and talking. Yes, Hulk can talk in this movie. At Comic-Con, director Taika Waititi spoke about the Hulk dialogue scenes and explained why this happened.

Why did Hulk talk?

So, that last scene saw Hulk and Thor sitting in a room together.

Thor said they are a lot alike and Hulk said that Hulk likes fire and Thor likes water. Thor tries to say he likes fire too and Hulk basically mocks Thor at this point. When asked about him talking, Waititi said that this is all part of the new journey for the characters of Hulk and Bruce Banner. Earlier, Marvel said that this movie and the two upcoming “Avengers” movies will see Hulk and Banner on an interesting character arc.

Waititi explained that he is fascinated by the “duality” of Hulk and Bruce Banner and how their brains have to interconnect. With that in mind, the “Thor: Ragnarok” director said that there could be times where Hulk is there and Banner’s voice could still exist in some way.

He also said that Banner could be there and there could still be some of the Hulk’s personality showing through as well. When he talks, like “a 2-year-old,” it is Banner’s voice coming through the Hulk’s mentality. What Waititi said is that this will be a huge battle between the two for control of the body.

Taika Waititi also said that this will give fans something they have wanted to see for a while now – and something he wanted to see as well.

It is time to see Hulk talking like he sometimes did in the comic books.

“Planet Hulk”

The entire gladiatorial battles in front of Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster is a slight re-telling of the popular “Planet Hulk” comic book storyline. That story showed Hulk banished from Earth by The Illuminati (a secret team of superheroes who try to influence the direction of the world behind-the-scenes).

He ends up on what they think is a deserted planet but there are aliens there and he is captured and forced to battle in a gladiator styled ring.

In that story, Hulk is able to defeat their captors and then he becomes a king and ruler to the beings on the planet. It is the first time he has felt accepted and, in “Planet Hulk,” he can talk and seems intelligent in his own rights. That looks to be what “Thor: Ragnarok” is going for here – a Hulk who is able to communicate and is in control of his emotions for the first time – although Bruce Banner is here as well, as the trailers indicated.

Thor: Ragnarok” hits theaters on Nov. 3 and will be Marvel Studios final movie released in 2017.