In some tragic news, director Zack Snyder has announced that he is leaving the "Justice League" movie after his 20-year-old daughter took her own life. While Snyder is taking a step back to deal with his family tragedy, "Avengers" director joss whedon will step in and replace Snyder for the DC Comics movie.

Zack Snyder's tragedy

According to Zack Snyder himself, he said that his daughter took her own life in March but he tried to just go back to work on "Justice League" and bury himself in filmmaking to see if he could work through the pain. However, he said that he and his wife Deborah have chosen to step back from the film business and refocus their time to heal their family.

According to Zack Snyder, the demands of making a movie as big as "Justice League" are intense and all-consuming. That is when Snyder realized that he needed to take the time to be with his family since they needed him more than he needed to bury himself in his job. Zack said that his wife and kids are dealing with this and he needs to be with them.

Joss Whedon fills in on 'Justice League'

The one thing that fans need to keep in mind concerning the "Justice League" movie is that Zack Snyder has directed almost the entire thing. There has already been a rough cut and a test screening. Joss Whedon was hired to come in and write some additional scenes and he will now also direct those scenes and put together the final cut of the film.

Fans who were not happy with the directing style of Zack Snyder will have to understand that Joss Whedon is not here to change "Justice League" from its original design. Warner Bros. Pictures President Toby Emmerich said that the directing that Joss will do is minimal and they are assured that this will still be a great movie.

Joss Whedon and DC Comics

For fans that are unaware, Joss Whedon already jumped from Marvel to DC Comics before the "Justice League" announcement was made. After directing the first "Avengers" movie, which is still the biggest box office success for any comic book movie, and the "Age of Ultron" sequel, Whedon chose to step away from Marvel.

Now, Joss Whedon gets a chance to make a dream come true by directing a female-led big budget superhero movie in "Batgirl." Since Whedon was already working on preparing to make "Batgirl," he was already in the DC Comics wheelhouse and that made him the perfect person to call to help Zack Snyder finish "Justice League" during this difficult time in his life.