While New York Times and Donald Trump are in a Twitter war, Cole Sprouse will surely make your Twitter feed more interesting and entertaining. Sprouse's tweets have hilarious takes on almost everything that is oddly relatable by everyone. Cole and his twin brother Dylan are masters when it comes to Twitter jokes. They even troll and poke fun at each other which is funny for their fans. No doubt, the over 3 million followers of the twins are entertained with their creatively written posts.

Sprouse's tweet to Trump

Fans of the "Riverdale" star are always treated with interesting tweets from him, but his recent post about Donald Trump attracted a lot of attention on the social media platform.

He replied to one of Trump's tweet that talked about "fake media" with a very unexpected response.

Trump's tweet posted on Monday said that Fake Media is getting worse and that instead of slanting every story, the media should stick to the truth. Though Trump is apparently pissed off, Sprouse did not hesitate to hit him with an out-of-the-blue reply. Instead of addressing the tweet or anything related to fake news, Sprouse asked: "How many RTs for you go to prom with me?" The funny tweet immediately earned a lot of retweets.

As of this writing, Sprouse's reply to Trump's tweet already got over 34k retweets and over 97k likes.

Twitter users are looking forward if Trump will respond to the invitation. If he won't, it isn't a bad thing since there is no prom for Sprouse to take Trump to. But some users are still wondering how POTUS will respond to the tweet.

NYT, Trump Twitter spat

Sprouse's Twitter reply to POTUS is funny, but it appears that Donald Trump isn't happy about fake news after all. He has a recent Twitter spat with New York Times who compared the number of New England Patriots athletes present during their visit to Trump and their 2015 visit to Barack Obama.

According to Trump, NYT's report is wrong which was backed by the Patriots.

Reports are saying that the team's owner Robert Kraft is a Trump supporter and MVP Tom Brady was seen with a "Make America Great Again" cap in his locker.

Trump has been an active Twitter user even before becoming President of the United States. His ideas are sometimes bizarre that draw attention from people worldwide. His tweets receive different reactions from his 28 million followers. It is also noted that Trump never holds back on what he wants to say and he is not afraid about his statements no matter what his followers think about it.