Wife and widow of "Linkin Park" frontman Chester Bennington, Talinda Ann Bentley, has admitted that she's struggling to find ways to move forward after the tragic death of her husband. Speaking to E! News, the 41-year-old former Playboy model said that she is trying to find ways to move forward but is haunted by the loss of her "soul mate".

The couple wed in 2006 after being introduced by mutual friend Ryan Shuck. Talinda has said that the only thing she is focusing on now is raising the couple's three children - Tyler Lee and twins Lily and Lila.

The mom of three added in her statement that their children had lost their "hero".

Bennington also left three other children behind following his death. The singer had a son with partner Elka Brand named Jamie who was born in 1996. He adopted Brand's son, Isiah, with the process being completed in 2006. Bennington married his first wife Samantha Marie Olit in 1996 and she gave birth to the couple's only child, Draven Sebastian after six years of marriage. The singer split from Olit in 2005 and married Talinda that same year.

Chester Bennington's death shook the world

The 41-year-old singer took his life eight days ago at his home in Palos Verdes, Los Angeles. His death was ruled suicide by hanging by the state coroner, leaving fans around the world as well as the star's family and friends in complete shock.

"Linkin Park" released a statement on their Facebook page last Monday, July 24th, expressing their grief over the bandmates death.

Rob Bourdon, Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Dave Farrell and Brad Delson said in the statement that they were left with a hole in their lives that would never be filled and that they are unsure of what their futures now hold.

The band also acknowledged the "demons" that plagued Bennington throughout his lifetime, saying that they are in part what took him but what also fuelled his music and creativity.

Chester now in a better place

Bentley added in her statement to E! News that her husband is now in a better place, no longer suffering from emotional pain and turmoil.

Bennington publically spoke about his ongoing battle with depression and addiction on many occasions.

The star has spoken to Will Lavin in what is thought to be his final interview his death about his struggle with Mental illness. According to the Independent UK, Bennington spoke candidly about his feelings, saying he reached a point in his life where he could only see two options - to fight or to give up. Despite the singer's seemingly good mind-frame, his tragic death is an eye-opening look at mental illness and how things are not always how they seem.