Chelsea Handler was almost unstoppable when she started attacking Donald Trump and the First Family during the recent Political Convention. Her remarks against them were met with loud cheers from the crowd inside the Pasadena Convention Center where the two-day event took place over the weekend.

Handler rips Donald and his family

The talk show host started by slamming the POTUS for his lack of "value system" and disinterest in serving his constituents. "He lies constantly. He's also unstable, and I believe he has syphilis," Chelsea Handler said, referring to a chronic bacterial disease that is contracted during sexual intercourse.

The 42-year-old comedian went on to admit that she is someone who speaks her mind regardless of how other people would react. Handler, however, acknowledged that her attacks against Donald Trump have limitations and referred to Kathy Griffin's bold move to pose with an effigy of the president's decapitated head for her photo shoot. "I can't walk around with a Donald Trump head with blood all over it," she explained as cited by THR.

The former "Chelsea Lately" host continued her tirade against the U.S. leader which he labeled a "big bully" who "treats people terribly" and "lies constantly." Handler even accused Donald Trump of being "unstable" and "disloyal" to the people he is serving.

After calling him names, the female comedian thanked the POTUS and the entire Trump family for making her a better person.

She added that she has become "more informed" since Donald Trump was elected for the highest post. "I have the Trump family to thank for that," she sarcastically said.

Comedians slam Trump and admin

Handler is not the first comedian to rip the U.S leader and his administration. In April, Hasan Minhaj labeled the president as the "liar-in-chief" during his performance at the Correspondents' Dinner at the White House.

The comedian and actor even discussed Donald Trump's alleged involvement with Russia. "The leader of our country is not here, and that's because he lives in Moscow," he joked. "It's a very long flight, it's a Saturday."

Hasan Minhaj made these remarks even after he was requested to avoid attacking the current administration in his speech.

Kathy Griffin, on the hand, drew backlash after she participated in a controversial photo shoot where she held a decapitated head of the president.

The "Suddenly Susan" actress even lost her CNN gig in the wake of the controversy. On Friday, Kathy Griffin has denied that she is facing jail for her controversial depiction of Donald Trump.