Netflix has recently premiered a “CastlevaniaTV Series that is inspired by a video game with the same title. “Castlevania,” which was revealed last week by Netflix has become an instant hit among the fans, who loved the video game. After the promising first few episodes of the TV series, it has already signed for its second season.

Until Castlevania, video game-inspired series never met expectations

Adaptation of games for TV series is not something new, but at the same time, it cannot be denied that not many of such video game adapted shows have met the expectation of the viewers and most specifically of the fans who loved the video game.

In fact, it was believed that a good video game would never make its way to the television world but “Castlevania” has proved all theories to be wrong.

Netflix has released the TV series, “Castlevania” and though the audiences were cynical about the show and how it would be, Netflix decided to bring in a change with this new video game adapted TV series. And, after a few episodes, it can be rightly said that as a matter of fact, it was a real change.

Castlevania: a successful transition from video game to TV series

There are many things to love about the all-new series of “Castlevania.” The creators of the series have successfully managed to enclose the transition and feel of the game to the television show on Netflix.

Moreover, along with the haunting, dark and brutal feel of the video game that the viewers will see on the TV series, it also comes added with some fun elements in it, which further makes this games adapted show worthy and likable and one that is gaining popularity.

Also, the TV series gives the viewers an opportunity to explore both new and old characters, like the villain Dracula.

This is one character that is very important on the game show because of his dark nature. However, the series on Netflix will throw a new light towards the character, Dracula and enable the viewers to know more about his psychology.

Trevor is the main protagonist of “Castlevania” on Netflix, and most of the episodes revolve around his character.

It must be mentioned that Trevor has progressed smoothly and it has also left enough rooms that can be explored by the viewers. The actions used in the TV series are fun to watch, and with talks about the second season of the series in the pipeline, viewers can finally enjoy TV series adapted from games.