"Avengers: Infinity War" directors Joe and Anthony Russo stated back in 2016 that the highly anticipated blockbuster superhero movie would feature 68 Marvel characters. The impressive number most likely involves every single appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe including some characters that are not yet properly introduced.

This information led some fans to speculate that Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, set to be played by Brie Larson, might make an appearance even before her proper solo film on 2019 similar to Spiderman's involvement in "Captain America: Civil War."

One less Captain in the ‘Infinity War’

During the press event after the Marvel movie panel at San Diego Comic-con International, Joe Russo explicitly stated that Captain Marvel wouldn't make an appearance in the upcoming "Avengers" film.

After the disappointing announcement, many fans are still hopeful that Larson’s character would at least make a brief cameo in the upcoming film, particularly during the traditional Marvel post-credit scene. However, it seems like the fans have to wait for the highly anticipated superheroine’s solo film on 2019 before she finally joins the Avengers in their fight against the Mad Titan Thanos.

Captain Marvel in Avengers 4

The news of her exclusion in the first Infinity War might be disappointing. However, the news doesn’t mean we won’t see her in "Avengers 4" (currently known as the Infinity War part 2). One thing to consider is Kevin Feige’s description of her power level. As of now, we already know that Carol Danvers is set to be the most powerful character in Marvel’s superhero line-up.

So it kind of makes sense for the Avengers to fight the Mad Titan first time without her to increase the tension. This could allow them to make her their ace in the hole later on during the final battle in the upcoming "Avengers 4" on 2019, which concludes the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel announced on SDCC that the film is going to be a Marvel Cinematic Universe prequel that’s set around the 1990s.

The studio confirmed that Samuel Jackson is set to reprise his role in this film as Nick Fury when he still has both of his eyes. During their panel, the studio head Kevin Feige revealed the concept art of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel in a comic-accurate costume pitted against the Skrulls, a race of shape-shifting alien species hell-bent on taking over the world.

"Captain Marvel" is set to hit the theaters on March 8, 2019.