Big Brother 19” spoilers reveal three nominations for eviction in Week 2. The “BB19” house has its Nomination Ceremony later on Friday (July 7), where Head of Household Paul Abrahamian placed Alex Ow and Josh Martinez on the block. Then Ramses Soto decided that it was also time to come out from under the curse that had randomly been placed on him by Paul.

When Paul Abrahamian accepted the Pendent of Protection, he earned three weeks of immunity from getting nominated or evicted, but he also had to pick a houseguest who would suffer a consequence.

That turned out to be Ramses Soto, who had three weeks to put himself up on the block. Ramses went with Week 2, meaning he is now at risk of going home. It was just a coincidence that Paul also won HOH to go with his Temptation Power.

Why did Paul nominate Alex and Josh?

These “Big Brother 19” spoilers go back to an idea that Paul Abrahamian has been mulling over for several days. Paul wants to backdoor Cody Nickson at the Veto Ceremony. For that plan to work, Paul needs Cody to not participate in the Veto Competition and for there to be two nominees who want to get themselves off the block. So Alex and Josh already knew they were about to be nominated and agreed to be pawns.

The Week 2 nominations were very predictable, but now comes the all-important Veto Competition.

Paul, Alex, and Josh will be participating, but so will three randomly chosen houseguests. It will be an important competition for the “BB19” house, with a lot on the line when it plays out. If Paul can win the Power Of Veto himself, then he will get to make that announcement of Cody going up on the block at the Veto Ceremony.

When will the Power of Veto get decided?

There will be additional “Big Brother 19” spoilers coming out on Saturday (July 8), as that is when the Veto Competition is expected to take place in the backyard of the “BB19” house. That will decide who possesses the Power of Veto and controls what happens next. If Jessica Graf or Cody Nickson find a way to participate and then win it, they will likely choose to keep The Week 2 nominations the same.

It’s going to be an exciting weekend for the “BB19” cast, as there is a lot on the line for everyone. The Cody and Jessica showmance could be coming to an end, Paul Abrahamian could be taking over all the power in the game, and a new Temptation Power may get unleashed. For subscribers of the CBS live feeds, this is going to be one of those weekends that make the fees worth paying. Expect many new “Big Brother 19” spoilers over the next 36 hours.