Big Brother 19” news from Thursday night now includes the name of the new HOH. The Head of Household competition took place on the live feeds, as the “BB19” cast didn’t have a chance to play it during the July 6 episode. While it was a very chaotic presentation on the live feeds, there is someone new with all the power in the house.

The new HOH is Paul Abrahamian. This will rank among the more important “Big Brother 19” spoilers of the weekend, especially because he now gets to nominate two people for eviction. Is Paul about to target the showmance of Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf at the first opportunity he gets?

When will Week 2 nominations get revealed?

If production follows a typical schedule, then the Week 2 nominations for eviction will take place on Friday (July 7). Saturday (July 8) will then get used for the Veto Competition, with the Veto Ceremony set to take place on Monday (July 10). Anything can happen in this game, though, so don’t count on the schedule remaining the same.

There is also a cursed houseguest (Ramses Soto) who has to decide if this is the week that he is going to place himself on the block. He has to decide within the next three evictions, putting himself at risk of going home. Could he be safe if it is Jessica and Cody on the block next to him? That would be a calculated risk for him to take, but also a very bold move at this point of the season.

Can the next round of “Big Brother 19” spoilers even compare to last week?

The shocking eviction of Jillian Parker in an 8-4 vote against Christmas Abbott definitely shows that a line has been drawn in the “BB19” house. The next round of “Big Brother 19” spoilers will very likely reveal that Jessica Graf, who was seen on the cameras yelling at Christmas following the Eviction Ceremony, will be placed on the block next.

Can she figure out a way to save herself before she becomes the fourth houseguest to be evicted this season?

It's going to be very busy for the next few days inside the "BB19" house as things either start to settle down or get even more chaotic than they have been over the past 24 hours. The worst-case scenario for a number of houseguests was to have Paul Abrahamian take over as the new Head of Household, as he doesn't have to worry about "revenge" coming his way next week. As as been revealed in previous "Big Brother 19" spoilers, Paul has the Pendant of Protection, meaning he is safe from nomination or eviction next week.