"Big Brother 19" spoilers from Friday (June 30) now include the winner of the Power Of Veto. The Veto Results from the "BB19" house will shake up the Week 1 nominees, especially with some of the other news that goes along with it. For fans who haven't caught up on the "Big Brother 19" spoilers from earlier in the day, Megan Lowder is no longer in the house. When the live feeds turned on for the first time, it became obvious that she had exited the game.

With Megan Lowder out of the game, Head of Household Cody Nickson had to name a replacement nominee.

He went with Alex Ow, putting her up on the block beside Jillian Parker. This left both ladies competing for the Power of Veto in order to ensure their safety for the week. Now those Week 1 Veto results headline the latest "Big Brother 19" spoilers, as one of the ladies was able to grab the power and get off the block.

Who won the Power of Veto?

The Veto results were revealed on the "BB19" live feeds and Alex Ow won safety for the week. She can now take herself off the block during the Veto Ceremony, forcing Cody Nickson to come up with yet another nominee this week. This will be the fourth time that Cody has had to select someone to potentially get evicted, but if the footage of him shown during the CBS episodes is any indication, he is having no problem "getting blood on his hands" this summer.

The Veto Ceremony will also take place soon, leading to more "Big Brother 19" spoilers coming out on the live feeds. It's safe to assume that Cody will target another person who has or had a relationship with Megan Lowder and Jillian Parker this season. It's also possible that he could make the first bold move of the season and go after Paul Abrahamian like he originally stated he wanted to do.

Paul has a secret, though, so that might not go over well.

Who has the Pendant of Protection?

There were additional "Big Brother 19" spoilers to come out on Friday, including the news that Paul Abrahamian was chosen by America to have the Pendant of Protection. He is now immune for the first three eviction ceremonies, ensuring that a returning houseguest gets further in the game.

This was something that a lot of fans worried about when there were rumors that someone who had played the game before would be entering the "BB19" house.

In addition to the Veto results, the news that Alex Ow had been nominated for eviction, and that someone was protected from eviction, there was also a blossoming showmance taking place. On the live feeds, it was made very clear that Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are involved in a showmance. Will that showmance harm or help the personal games of Cody and Jessica? That might get revealed in upcoming installments of "Big Brother 19" spoilers.