The "Big Brother 19" spoilers from Thursday night (June 19) were pretty exciting. The first "BB19" Head Of Household revealed his nominations for eviction, putting two people on the block following a lot of drama in the house. It seemed like there was still a lot of footage that producers were holding back from the CBS audience, but at least the first HOH Competition and Nomination Ceremony finally got shown in the second episode.

The first Head of Household this season is Cody Nickson, who won a tough battle against Paul Abrahamian to take the power.

This meant that Cody quickly needed to come up with the Week 1 nominations for eviction. He talked things over with his closest buddy (Mark Jansen) before calling a #BB19" house meeting to reveal his choices. That primarily leads this installment of "Big Brother 19" spoilers and gives fans a lot to talk about heading into the weekend.

Who are the Week 1 nominations for eviction on "Big Brother 19"?

At a really tense Nomination Ceremony, Cody Nickson announced that the Week 1 nominations were Megan Lowder and Jillian Parker. He hasn't been getting along with Megan or Jillian, but Cody singled out Megan during his reasoning for these nomination choices. Cody stated that he simply didn't like Megan, leading to her nomination.

As for the reason that he placed Jillian on the block, he said that she was too close with Megan in the "BB19" house.

Megan Lowder and Jillian Parker will have to play for their safety in the Week 1 Veto Competition. It has likely already taken place, but could be a focal point of the Sunday (July 2) episode of "Big Brother 19." The producers and CBS haven't given a clear picture of how the episodes will play out, especially since the "BB19" cast has been in the house for more than a week, but the two CBS episodes have only shown what took place during the first two days.

Who got evicted first from "Big Brother 19"?

As a reminder to fans of the show, the first evicted houseguest on "Big Brother 19" was Cameron Heard. He was sent packing on the season premiere (June 28), but will quickly be joined by someone else. This also isn't the first time that a "Big Brother" houseguest was sent home before the first episode aired on CBS.

It happened during "Big Brother 18" as well, hen Glenn Garcia was evicted on Day 1 in the first endurance challenge.

Moving forward, there are going to be a lot of "Big Brother 19" spoilers coming out on the CBS live feeds. Some information leaked earlier on Thursday that confirms temptations are coming to the houseguests. Some of those temptations may already be in the house and when CBS turns on the live feeds late Thursday night, it could quickly become obvious who has some of the upcoming secret powers.

Buckle up "BB19" fans, because the next 24 hours is going to be packed with fresh "Big Brother 19" spoilers.