"Big Brother 19" spoilers from the CBS live feeds show that Paul Abrahamian won the Candy Crush Head of Household comp and will be the week 2 "BB19" HoH. That's bad news for last week's HoH Cody Nickson who set things off with Paul as often as possible over the past week. Cody thought he had the house on lock, but his alliance fell apart and his target for eviction, Christmas Abbott, stayed in the house.

Jillian evicted and blindsided

Jillian was stunned on tonight's "Big Brother 19" when the votes went against her two to one and her jaw literally dropped. When Jillian was ushered out of the "BB19" house, she told Julie Chen that she had no idea she would be evicted and said everyone promised her she was staying.

Back inside the house, Jessica Graf and Cody were also left reeling from the turn of the house against them.

Jessica shocked many "Big Brother fans when she immediately came after Christmas right after she was saved from eviction, despite that Christmas had a broken foot and was in pain. Jessica and Cody are likely targets for the Week 2 HoH, particularly since Cody tried to backdoor Paul in Week 1. Cody was slack-jawed when Paul revealed his Pendant of Protection and avoided the Chopping Block.

Candy Crush HoH comp went to Paul

Tonight's "Big Brother 19" episode ended with the houseguests battling it out on the set of a giant Candy Crush game in the backyard to try and win immunity.

There were three long plastic ramps that led to a center area with a hole. The premise was simple. Large plastic candies dropped down on the houseguests who cracked them open to reveal tickets. The tickets purchased balls to roll down the ramps.

Since Cody was ineligible to play in the comp as the outgoing HoH, he was supposed to act as the ticket collector behind the counter.

But rather than participate actively, Cody pouted for the entirety of the competition. He kept his arms crossed and glared. He wouldn't take the tickets from the, so the houseguests were forced to set them on the counter. Cody's behavior didn't dim the others' enthusiasm.

Paul won the HoH comp in 20 minutes - who will he nominate?

The HoH comp was expected to be an endurance comp, but it was only a matter of learning how the ramps worked and perfecting a strategy.

Paul figured out the ramp system pretty fast and almost nailed the hole in one with a near miss. He had to run back to the line and wait for another turn and then try again. The houseguests played for a little less than 20 minutes before Paul landed the kill shot.

Cody rewarded Paul with a death stare while most of the other houseguests cheered. Big Mark Jansen scooped the much smaller Paul up into a bro hug after the win. With Paul as the newly installed HoH, the question is whom will he put on the chopping block. Cody seems like a lock and it could be Jessica on the block with her showmance partner.

Check back for more "Big Brother 19" spoilers.

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