The "Big Brother 19" spoilers from Thursday night (July 6) are highlighted by the third person getting evicted from the "BB19" house. By the end of the evening, there would also be a new Head of Household in charge of the game. To get to that HOH competition, though, the "BB19" house had to decide whether it was going to evict Jillian Parker or Christmas Abbott this week. Surviving the opening night eviction didn't get them very far this season.

Christmas Abbott ended up on the block after Head of Household Cody Nickson turned against a lot of people he had befriended inside the "BB19" house.

He first nominated Alex Ow as the replacement nominee after Megan Lowder decided to self-evict herself, and then he tried to nominate Paul Abrahamian as a replacement. When Paul played the Pendant of Protection, Cody decided it was time to put Christmas up on the block.

Who went home in shocking "BB19" eviction vote?

The houseguests each took turns voting whether to evict Jillian Parker or Christmas Abbott on Thursday evening. In the final vote, it was Jillian who was sent out the door in a very one-sided vote. That's unfortunate for the showmance of Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, as this likely dictates that one or both of them are going to quickly wind up on the block next week. Will Ramses Soto decide to join them?

Jillian Parker, Megan Lowder, and Cameron Heard are now the first three houseguests to leave the show this season. The "BB19" cast is now down to just 14 people competing for the $500,000 prize this season. Can returning houseguest Paul Abrahamian find a way to survive all the future evictions to make it all the way to the final two again?

That's where he placed during "Big Brother 18" when Nicole Franzel was named the winner.

Who is the new "Big Brother 19" Head of Household?

The new Head of Household is getting decided by a live endurance competition on the feeds. This means that a new round of "Big Brother 19" spoilers will come out during the night. Who wins that power could set the stage for how the rest of the season progresses.

Cody Nickson isn't allowed to play in it after becoming the Week 1 HOH, so he really needs Jessica Graf to win the power in order to ensure his own safety.

Working back to the eviction vote from Thursday night, Kevin, Matthew, Raven, Paul, Dominique, Elena, Josh, and Mark voted to evict Jillian Parker. Jessica, Jason, Ramses, and Alex voted to evict Christmas Abbott. This could definitely shift how the "BB19" alliances look in the next week. Who would be the most interesting name to get revealed as the HOH in the next round of "Big Brother 19" spoilers?