Fans are increasingly worried about Jill Duggar and her well-being ever since it was released that the star had given birth to baby Samuel after a long and intensive labor. The "Counting On" star was reportedly in labor for over 40 hours before giving birth to her baby boy via C-section.

The reality star has notoriously struggled with giving birth, as it took her 70 hours of labor in order for her eldest child, Israel to make his debut. Jill, who is usually pretty vocal about her life and active on social media has been completely silent on the matter at hand and has not been posting as many pictures or status updates as fans are hoping to hear.

No pictures of Jill

Since giving birth to Samuel Scott, there have been no photos of Jill Duggar released, bar one photo immediately after his birth in which the star looks as though she is ready to burst into tears at any moment in addition to possibly being in pain. After she gave birth to Israel, the reality TV star took several photos of the hospital looking incredibly happy and excited to welcome her first addition, but this time the star simply seems to be overwhelmed with grief or pain after his birth.

Sharing Bible quotes

One photo of Samuel Scott has been posted to Jill Duggar's Instagram, and she states that she and her husband, Derick, are in love with their young son. However, she has also been posting Bible verses that discuss seeking inspiration from God and trusting in him when things aren't going as planned.

This has lead many fans to believe that something isn't quite right with Jill and her husband, though she is not revealing what the actual issue is.

Some believe that there is something wrong with the baby, while there have been rumors that Jill has had to have a hysterectomy and will no longer be able to have children. For a Duggar woman, who is taught to have as many babies as humanly possible, this would be a devastating blow.

Others speculate that the "Counting On" star is suffering from post-partum depression and that this may be why she has declined to be photographed since the birth of her son. There is not much information on how the Duggar family might handle a child with post-partum depression, or depression in general, which greatly worries a lot of the members of the Digger fan community.

Jill's younger sister, Jessa, recently shared that everything was going well for the mother and baby, however, fans are simply not convinced this is the case.