"Big Brother19" contestant Christmas has been injured. The live feed viewers saw her laying on the ground, crying out in pain. She kept saying that she had broken her foot.

According to Jokers Updates, Christmas was riding on the back of Jason and playing around in the backyard this morning. He slipped and fell backward, injuring Christmas in the process. He quickly ran to the Diary Room to ask for help for his injured housemate. Two nurses were called in to check out her injuries but they did not want to be seen on camera. The live feeds turned to the "Big Brother" houseguests gathered inside as they were discussing the possible consequences.

The question of how bad the injury really is will be answered soon, as Christmas has been taken to the hospital. This leaves plenty of room for speculation in the meantime. Best case scenario, Christmas has only suffered a sprain. Worst case scenario could lead to her exit from the "Big Brother" house. According to Jason, the lump on her foot is pretty bad. She has already asked several times if she can come back next year to compete, believing this is the end of her time on "Big Brother 19".

Yet another replacement nominee? Is Cody's HOH cursed?

With her currently being one of the two houseguests on the block, would this mean that current HOH Cody has to name a sixth houseguest to be nominated for eviction?

He has already named five people to fill the two seats, losing one nominee to self-eviction. His plan to backdoor Paul was exposed when he named him to replace Alex, but the vet pulled out the Pendant of Protection to save himself. At this point, Cody has Alex and Paul targeting him to retaliate over his nominations.

Another possibility was brought up by Jessica.

She said on the live feeds that she believes "Big Brother" will end Cody's HOH if Christmas is unable to return to the game. Her exit could be considered the eviction for the week. If that were going to happen, however, it probably would have happened when Megan self-evicted. Instead "Big Brother" has left Cody in power this week, and he is forced to keep naming folks for eviction.

Losing houseguests can mess up the schedule

Of course, there is another issue here to consider. Each summer the schedule is set based on the number of evictions it will take to get to the finale. So far this season, "Big Brother" has already lost two houseguests. Can we expect the return of an evicted houseguest later in the summer?

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