After winning the Battle Back Challenge in a special airing of "Big Brother" on Friday night, Cody Nickson is back in the house and only Jessica Graf is jumping for joy. The other houseguests are sad, disappointed, and on edge. The others did not want him to return after they voted him out. They are expecting retaliation from not only Cody but also from his girlfriend. So, what does it mean now that Cody is back in the house?

Dynamics of the house

The dynamics of the entire house have already changed since Cody has returned. Jessica has brought him up to date on what transpired during his absence.

He seems to have a different attitude, and he appears to be more humble. He is letting Jessica take the lead. After all, she has a lot going for her. However, she still needs to know what to do with her privileges. Cody's showmance partner acknowledged that she had a good week with four perks.

First, Jess escaped eviction when she was on the block with Dominique. Jess received no votes at all. Every single person voted for Dominique to be evicted. Dominique participated in the Battle Back Showdown but was eliminated in the first round.

Secondly, America voted for Jess to get the last temptation of the season. Therefore, she is holding the Halting hex that she can use to stop a live eviction over four weeks.

One week has already passed. It could keep Jess and Cody safe for at least three more weeks. Thirdly, she won the contest to become the new Head of Household. Fourth, her boyfriend returned. All those things could work in her favor if she strategizes correctly.

Cody and Jessica

According to social media, a lot of people don't believe Cody will win the game based on past seasons.

Most people commented that contestants who return don't end up winning because the houseguests remember why they were evicted the first time. People are predicting that Cody will be safe for two to three more weeks.

Jess used her power as Head of Household to nominate Ramses. She told him that she was using him as a pawn. The other person Jess nominated was to nobody's surprise.

Josh has been talking bad to Cody and Jess the entire season. He has had loud outbursts and called them names. During the Head of Household challenge, he attempted to distract both of them. However, Cody said since he is a Marine, he is accustomed to being yelled at. Therefore, he stayed focused and so did Jess. When Jess nominated Josh, she boldly reminded him how rude he had been to her and her boyfriend. She said he didn't deserve to continue being in the house.

After Josh sensed his fate, he went to talk to Jess before the nominations. However, Cody wouldn't allow him to talk to her. Watch "Big Brother" on CBS on Wednesday at 9 p.m. and on Thursday and Sunday at 8 p.m.