The FlashSeason 4 is expected to open with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) technically indisposed following the events that went down in the season 3 finale. For the benefit of those who missed it, he sacrificed himself (temporarily) to alleviate the disruption he caused with Flashpoint.

At some point, Barry is expected to return to reality though it remains to be known when. With that still in the air, Wally West/ Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) has been tasked to keep things in order, inadvertently stepping in as the “Flash” for Central City.

However, leaks have revealed that Wally will be donning the familiar red suit of Barry.

This has raised various possibilities which fans are now trying to figure out.

Flash or Kid Flash in the red suit

Everyone knows the difference between the Kid Flash and Flash suits. But if that tweet is any indication, it looks like Wally will wear it when 'Flash' season 4 kicks off. So the next question is for how long? Better yet, will there be repercussions?

It is possible that Wally wore the suit as a way to honor Barry and show Central City that the Flash is alive and well. There are slight modifications to the suit, giving it a dark crimson and gold theme though most would expect this based on previous seasons. So if Barry does come out of the Speed Force, it will be interesting to see if it will be the same suit or yet another wardrobe with more changes moving forward.

The suit could be a means of assuring Central City that there is a tested superhero still alive and well. Kid Flash made his mark but the understanding is that a more mature Scarlett Speedster holds better chances.

Robotic Samurai Warriors in the house

While that angle on the Flash costume remains up in the air, it could be put to the test against a new adversary.

Samuroids seem to be the new threat set to invade Central City, an adversary best associated with Baron Katana which appeared in the comics.

Armed with indestructible armor, electrified swords and jet packs, Wally may be in for quite a test as he tries to waylay the evil doers. Barry is most likely out of the picture though Kid Flash may be in for some flashbacks to recall some lessons and tricks shared before Barry’s big sacrifice.

After that, the wait is on as to when Barry will return to his crime-fighting ways. The twist in the costume adds a monkey wrench to the situation, making fans wonder if Wally will permanently keep the red suit or eventually surrender it to Barry once the Speed Force issue is resolved.

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