Yesterday, Beyonce treated the world with the first photo of her Twins Sir Carter and Rumi, who just turned one month old, which took the internet by storm. Her Instagram post earned a whopping millions of likes in just a few minutes but nobody would think that she will inspire another mother of twins. The Irish mother apparently cloned the “Love On Top” singer’s twins photoshoot and it’s hilariously adorable and fun. Queen B has obviously inspired this mother-of-five.

The hilariously cute twins’ photoshoot

Sharon Kellaway, 40, from Cork, was inspired by Beyonce when the “Crazy In Love” singer shared the first snap of her twins, which garnered more than 9 million likes at the time of this writing.

The Irish mother posed with her twins, Senan and Zoe, who were born in February 2017, in an attempt to recreate the singer’s photoshoot at her home’s backyard. In the photo, she can be seen carrying her own twins in her arms. The mother-of-five was clad with a blanket that shares the same color as the singer’s long floral raffled-gown and also sported a veil that adorns her head similar to the singer’s.

The photo of Beyonce and her twins was apparently taken with flowers behind them and Kellaway is no pushover as she also did it in her home’s backyard where home-grown flowers can be seen. The Irish mother said that it was her six-year-old kid named Megan, who took the photo and it was apparently amusing and adorable. "More from the photo shoot ....

I wonder how many photos [the pop star] had to get through to get the right one,” she captioned the photos. “My 6 year old took the photos ... no qualifications and still did a mighty job.” She told the Irish news publication that she only wanted to have fun with the singer’s twins photo since she has twins too.

Kellaway went on to say that she didn’t expect that her photoshoot with her twins just like what Beyonce did will go viral.

The Irish mother also has two other kids ages seven and nine. She is certainly making headlines now. Thanks to Sir Carter and Rumi!

The Carter Twins

Beyonce and Jay Z have expanded their family by two with the arrival of their twins, Sir Carter and Rumi.

It is said that their names are inspired by a famous Persian poet in the 13th-century named Rumi of which Sir as his reference in one of his poems. Bring the pure wine of love and freedom. But sir, a tornado is coming,” reads the poem. “More wine, we'll teach this storm. A thing or two about whirling.”

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