Christmas Abbott is not having a merry time this season on “Big Brother.” The ripped “Big Brother 19” houseguest will be forced to temporarily leave the house so she can have surgery on her Broken Foot, and it could mark the end of her game.

Fans of the CBS reality show saw the painful accident last week when Christmas fell in the back yard while riding on the back of fellow “BB19” houseguest Jason, instantly breaking two bones in her foot. Christmas went to the hospital and returned to the house on crutches, but she had been downplaying her injury to the other houseguests.

But according to live feed spoilers posted on Big Brother Network, Christmas was finally forced to come clean about just how serious her injury is.

Christmas confided in Paul

Last week, Abbott confided in “Big Brother” player Paul Abrahamian, telling him that the break in her foot is so bad that she needs to get pins put in. She later told Paul that her surgery date has been delayed until this Wednesday. There is no word if Christmas plans to exit the “Big Brother” game for good after the serious surgery, but her actions make it seems as though she intends to fight for her right to stay in the house and continue to compete for the $500,000 grand prize.

Why she might be leaving

The spoiler site notes that after Christmas survived last week’s eviction, she left her suitcases packed.

That could be as sign that she plans to leave the "Big Brother" house for good depending on what her surgeon says. At this point, Christmas told the other houseguests that she is having surgery on Wednesday and plans to return to the house on Thursday. She better hope that the Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions are either memory comps or something that requires upper body strength.

If Christmas Abbott is forced to leave “Big Brother” under doctor’s orders, it would be a bit of a blow for the CBS summertime reality show. With her strong physique and fierce attitude, Abbott has already been a favorite among “Big Brother” superfans. Even show host Julie Chen is a Christmas fan. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chen described Christmas Abbott as “a firecracker in the house.” Chen admitted that TV viewers feel strongly about Abbott one way or another, and she said that’s a good thing for the show. “That's what you want for entertainment,” the longtime “Big Brother” host said.

“Big Brother” airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursday on CBS.