"Stranger Things" is coming back - it's only a matter of time now. On Tuesday morning, Netflix revealed the news everyone had been waiting for: the release date for the second season of the show. For some fans, it will be sooner than they could have hoped. For others, the wait will be unbearable. Either way, it will only be a matter of months before one of the most popular shows in the history of the company roars back to life.

Netflix gives release date and teaser

Social media was abuzz with the news from Netflix on Tuesday morning. The second season of the hit show was announced to begin on October 27, 2017.

The date is particularly interesting because it is just a few days before Halloween, a logical opportunity for some pertinent marketing. The first season of "Stranger Things" was released just under a year ago (July 15, 2016), so it marks a different release season for the show.

In addition to a release date, Netflix also released an ominous poster and teaser trailer. Things are not looking good for the young heroes of the story. In Hawkins, there is clearly some sort of malicious storm brewing, with the sky being dominated by hues of red and menacing lightning. Unsurprisingly, the fearless protagonists are riding their bikes ride towards the danger, perhaps unsuspecting of what's to come.

"Stranger Things" are about to come, that's what's lurking.

What we know so far about the upcoming season

There is increasingly more information available about the second season of "Stranger Things," even ahead of the Netflix announcement. The season will be set in 1984, a year after last season's events unfolded. After pulling Will Byers from the Upside Down and discovering the Demogorgon, the danger has not yet passed for the small town of Hawkins.

Instead, there is something sinister that is about to wreak even more havoc.

The show, which in the eyes of some was already pretty dark (especially by Netflix standards), is expected to get even darker this year. A brother/sister duo will enter the cast, played by Dacre Montgomery and Sadie Sink. Sean Astin will also be entering the cast as as potential love interest for Joyce Byers.

A "Ghostbusters" theme teaser had people excited back during the Super Bowl and now the waiting is almost over. In three and a half months, fans and audience members will once again be able to enter into the bizarre, wondrous world of "Stranger Things."

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