It is finally official. Barry Manilow has shared the one secret that many had already guessed. The 73-year-old is gay and is married to his manager. The two have been together for 40 years. The only reason the singer didn’t tell his fans sooner was because he feared that he would disappoint them. Some fans have joked that the singer just didn’t want to lose his female fanbase and risk his fortune.

Barry Manilow is a private man

The secret about his homosexuality has been in the bag for a long time. While this was partially due to not wanting to disappoint his fans, he also says that he is a private man.

However, he has now confirmed that he has been in a relationship (and now marriage) with his manager Garry Kief.

Now that he is out, he waited for his fans to turn against him. Instead, they have stuck by him and congratulated him on such a long relationship that has been behind closed doors for so long. Of course, plenty of fans and tabloids had speculated his homosexuality for a long time but never had any official proof or confirmation.

The two married three years ago

After meeting in 1978, Manilow and Kief developed a strong friendship that turned into a relationship. However, they didn’t marry until 2014 in a private ceremony. However, it nearly didn’t end up being such a beautiful fairy tale.

Due to Manilow’s celebrity status, the two almost split up on numerous occasions. Kief couldn’t understand Manilow’s overzealous fans in the early days.

Fans have taken to social media to congratulate him on his marriage and his decision to share his secret. While fans had already guessed, they understood that he wasn’t ready to share that news with the world.

It is difficult being in the public eye and constantly having trolls and haters at your door.

There have been some negative comments, but mainly only from trolls looking to start a fight. Congratulations to Manilow and Kief, even if the marriage was three years ago. It’s a big step and will hopefully help others who feel trapped into an expectation to step out and own their sexuality.