This season while they were filming "Bachelor in Paradise" a huge scandal went down. They actually stopped filming the show and sent everyone home. Once they did this, they did their investigation and then brought everyone back and started filming again. Now, Bustle is sharing the news that they are going to Address it on the upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise" instead of just ignoring it.

How are things in "Bachelor in Paradise" now?

When filming resumed, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson did not come back to the show. They have also changed a few rules, such as limiting how much alcohol everyone can have in an hour.

A source actually told Variety that DeMario and Corinne will be on the show, but only in footage that was filmed before everyone was sent home.

The source also shared that the scandal will be addressed on the show. A lot of fans thought that they would just ignore it and act like it never happened. So far, ABC isn't commenting, but it does sound like they will talk about it on the upcoming season. The fans want to know and it will be confusing if they don't air any of it.

What will they be showing?

The thing is there was alleged sexual misconduct between DeMario and Corinne, but ABC has already shared that they will not be releasing this video footage at all. DeMario Jackson was really hoping that it would come out so that he could clear his name, but that didn't happen.

More than likely, ABC will just be showing some of what happened leading up to it and showing the connections that others made before filming stopped. It could be a bit confusing

The unnamed source did share saying, "Not sure how in depth [the new season] will get with the situation. We will definitely address there was a stop-down, and how things will move going forward." The source says that they are involved in production on the show.

The new season of "Bachelor in Paradise" was supposed to start airing on August 8, but that probably won't be the case now. It sounds like it will be moved back a few weeks. They also have Carly and Evan's wedding to show and that could end up airing before "Bachelor in Paradise" does. They did already film this wedding a few weeks ago.

Are you surprised to hear that they are going to address this drama on "Bachelor in Paradise"?

Do you think that this was the right decision? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes when they start airing on ABC.

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