Angelina Jolie might be one of the most popular actresses in the whole world, but at the end of the day, she proves that she is just like any mom who would bring her kids to disneyland if they really wanted to. Ditching the glamorous dresses and makeup in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie was spotted once again spending her day with her kids in Disneyland. According to Entertainment Tonight, the latest trip to Disneyland was the celebration of Vivienne and Knox's 9th birthday. The "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" actress singlehandedly brought the kids to the famous theme park in Anaheim, California with Brad Pitt nowhere in sight.

People who were already at Disneyland that day were not expecting to see Angelina Jolie with her kids, and as expected, the witnesses freaked out and took to social media to share some photos that they took of the celebrity with her kids. Angelina Jolie brought Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh together with the birthday celebrants, Knox and Vivienne, for a fun-filled birthday bash at Disneyland.

Trying to be low-key

As commonly observed, celebrities who try to have a normal day out in public really make an effort to stay low-key. According to Entertainment Tonight, the 42-year old actress made an effort to dress down, wearing a black top and pants paired with beige sandals. She also tried to cover up her face by wearing a sun hat and dark shades.

However, eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed the "Maleficent" actress, and her kiddie entourage was also a dead giveaway.

Basing on the several posts on Twitter from fans who saw them at Disneyland, Angelina Jolie and her kids had a great time as they went on iconic rides like the Radiators Spring Racers and Teacups ride. There were some bashers who called out Angelina Jolie's trip to Disneyland, saying that it was only a publicity stunt for "Maleficent 2." In fairness to both Disney and Jolie, the official announcement for "Maleficent 2" already took place in February, so pulling a publicity stunt could be considered redundant.

Spending her time with the kids

The divorce with Brad Pitt undeniably took the world by storm, and up until now, there are still a lot of issues and rumors being linked to the separation. However, it has been quite a while since Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie spoke about the divorce.

According to Entertainment Tonight, a source has revealed that Angelina Jolie is not really dwelling on the breakup anymore. If anything, Jolie has been spending more time with the kids and enjoying her time as a hands-on mom.