It doesn't matter today if the "Alaskan Bush People" series is the real deal or a scripted show, as everyone's concentration and prayers are on Ami Brown, who is fighting late-stage Lung Cancer today. The latest photo to emerge on Facebook, thanks to her eldest son Matt, shows Ami appearing in good spirits, but looking frail in comparison to the wilderness mother that the fans are used to seeing.

Keep the homestead fires burning

Any worries the family had before are all on the backburner as her husband Billy Brown and her brood of children are all rallying around their mom, praying for her recovery.

The fate of Brownstown is up in the air, although fans are vying for the "Alaskan Bush People" family to keep it up and going for Ami, because she loves that wilderness home so much.

Bathtub for Ami

Fans can remember the day she got that bathtub lifted into the cabin that her family built for her. While it didn't have running water, the tub was there to hold water that's carted by hand so Ami could finally relax in a bath, like she dreamed about. Little things like taking a hot bath made Ami happy through the many seasons of the show.

According to an article by the Inquisitr, fans of the "Alaskan Bush People" would like to see Browntown up and running because that is the way Ami would want it. In the latest photo of Ami to emerge, she is seen in a vehicle with Billy, her husband, and it appears she's about to crack a smile.

The new photo of Ami is seen below.

Ami's woes are centered on her family

Ami is a mother and wife first before anything else, so it stands to reason that she is not worrying about herself, but her husband and children while she's going through treatment and battling this disease. The fans have been overly worried about Ami, as she's struck a chord with so many people.

The woman doesn't have an unkind bone in her body.

Send Ami well-wishes

According to another Inquisitr article, the Discovery Channel has set up a page on their website for fans of the show to send their well-wishes to Ami and the family. There is a disclaimer on the page that you have to sign so if they do decide to show what you posted on air, they have your permission to do so.

The Discovery Channel will be printing off the cards, pictures, and notes posted on that page and handing them to Ami and the Brown family so the "Alaskan Bush People" will really receive what you send via that web page. You can find that web page in a link on the Discovery Channel website for the "Alaskan Bush People" show.

Ami will always be a mom first

Where all this is going, no one knows, but as the episodes of the latest season play out, you will see what the Brown's are up against. Ami's biggest worry is her family's welfare while she goes through this battle, which is what fans might expect from the matriarch of the Brown tribe.

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