Adele shocked her avid fans when she announced on Sunday, July 2, that she had to cancel her final two Shows at the Wembley Stadium, London.

The 29-year-old singer fears that she might not be able to sing again due to issues with her vocal cords. "I am sorry for the nights you would have had with me and the memories we made together," Adele tweeted yesterday.

In her message, she writes that she is fighting a severe disorder and her doctors have asked her to take rest. Though Adele has canceled her last two shows at Wembley Stadium, her fans wish her good luck.

Did Adele postpone her world tour due to health issues?

A report by CBS News reveals that Adele did not want to cancel the last two shows of her concert, but she had serious health problems. Throughout her career, she has done over 120 shows. The news came after Adele hinted that she might quit touring.

"I don’t know if I will ever tour again," Adele writes on Twitter. Her farewell to touring took a more devastating turn on Sunday when Adele announced that her final two shows were canceled. In a letter written to her fans, Adele says that she has visited her doctors. According to the health care professionals, Adele's vocal cords are damaged, and it seems she will not be able to sing again soon. There is no information about whether the shows would be rescheduled or not.

Adele is heartbroken

These days Adele is on steroids and other medical aids for her voice. She apologizes to the fans who have made travel plans and to those that will miss out on having a night together. The 'Rolling in the Deep' singer penned the note after the decision was made, and she promised refunds if she cannot reschedule.

The singer had been flying back and forth to London for the past year during her tour.

While she considers the last two gigs to be the best shows of her life, Adele confesses that she is having a hard time. Fans may recall how Adele underwent surgery in 2011 after suffering from dangerous vocal cords issues. She was asked to cancel her tour at the time to focus on her recovery.

Complete Music Update reports that fans are furious after Adele's decision to cancel her last two shows in London, which cost them thousands of dollars in transportation and accommodations.

Some followers claimed that they had lost over $400 in hotel rooms while some concert goers were unable to get a refund for their accommodations.

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