The disgraced 19 Kids and Counting” star Josh Duggar has caused the public to wonder if he and his family still lives in the home they sold on August 24, 2015. The buyer was known as ALB Investments LLC and Josh and Anna Duggar made a profit of $10,000 from its selling price of $65,000.

Josh Duggar family reportedly occupies home sold in 2015

In the Duggar Family official Facebook page, Josh’s wife, and kids were seen in a video posted to congratulate Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard for their new son named Samuel. It was noticed that the home in the video closely resembles the old home and fans wondered if a shady deal happened during the sale.

Although it can be assumed that the couple built a new home with a design taken from their old home or have a new home renovated to look like the original home. But according to Radar Online, there seems to be some shady transaction that transpired. The home is now valued at $213,467 on Zillow.

The property was sold two days before the Danica Dillion scandal surfaced. On August 24, 2015, a corporation was set up by Duggar family lawyer Travis W. Story and the same corporation was listed as the buyer of Josh’s home according to the Inquisitr. The Facebook post added suspicion to the sale.

Dillon accused Josh Duggar of engaging in violent sex with her that she felt she was “raped.” The complainant was paid for her services to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s eldest son.

She asked to be paid $500,000 for damages but the case was later dropped in February 2016.

In August 2016, a DJ filed a complaint that Josh illegally used his photo in registering to an online dating site called Ashley Madison. Matthew McCarthy sued Anna Duggar’s husband because he lost his job and experienced harassment as a result.

He asked for an undisclosed amount for damages. The case has scheduled hearing early this year.

Josh Duggar scandals jeopardized family show

Radar Online implies that Josh sold his home to hide his assets from his creditors possibly his complainants. Aside from the cases above mentioned, he was also exposed to have molested five minors including his sisters who star in “Counting On.” Jill Duggar-Dillard and Jessa Duggar-Seewald came out to publicly acknowledge that they were two of those that have been molested by their brother.

The child molestation scandal caused the cancellation of their highly-rated family show on TLC “19 Kids and Counting.” Josh Duggar almost lost his wife who was deeply hurt by the cheating and the shame. But Anna held on to support her husband through his battles. Now, she is pregnant with her fifth child. Later, the Duggar family was given a chance to appear on television via Jill and Jessa’s “Counting On.”