To this day the Warner Brothers/DC superhero flick “Wonder Woman” starring Gal Gadot continues to be a significant presence in the global box office. And having a hit movie with a female superhero in the lead role has triggered a lot of interesting after-effects both in and out of the movie industry. Already there are plans to produce a biopic of Wonder Woman’s creator William Moulton Marston, who based the character concept on both his wife and their mutual girlfriend together. A key scene in the movie has also sparked a novelty fashion statement among women. And now its director Patty Jenkins shares a report of how even kindergarten children have been so thoroughly taken by the Amazon princess.

Wonder kindergarteners

Just last week “Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins posted a list on her Twitter page. Said list was handed to her by one of the film’s producers. The producer in turn got the list from a source on Tumblr named Kassel that identified herself as a kindergarten teacher. Said teacher had observed certain behaviors in the students of the kindergarten she worked at, all happening within the first week that “Wonder Woman” began showing in theaters”. In eleven bullet points the author narrated several anecdotes illustrating the funny and heartwarming reactions of these little schoolchildren, some of which had yet to see the Gal Gadot film starrer in theaters.

A selection of the more telling story tidbits in the list posted by Jenkins includes the following: A girl with an upcoming birthday party themed after “Beauty and the Beast” asked her parents to change the motif to “Wonder Woman”.

A boy who was formerly obsessed with Marvel’s Iron Man began asking his parents for a Wonder Woman lunchbox. Another girl admonished a boy classmate not to pollute when he threw candy wrappers to the ground, declaring that such behavior is the reason “why there are no men in Temysicra” [sic] the Amazon homeland.

Full of heartwarming

The original Tumblr list attributed to Kassel has since accrued up to 87,000 notes while the Twitter uploaded version by Patty Jenkins has gotten 107,000 likes and about 48,000 re-tweets.

Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot herself was among the re-tweeters. She described the kindergarten anecdotes as “powerful” and a truly inspirational force that pushes her to give it all for a possible sequel to her box office smash of a movie.

Kassel wrote a follow-up Tumblr post regarding the positive praise and negative backlash she got from posting her “Wonder Woman” list.

She notes that the movie starring Gadot and directed by Jenkins was a prominent force of change in the way the kindergarteners she observed play their games, view superheroes and treat one another. That is no mean feat for Warner-DC’s “Wonder Woman”, now the third-most-viewed movie of 2017.

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