Despite being just a few month old, the budding relationship between Jennifer Lopez and former New York Yankees baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, seems to be shifting into high gear as seen in their recent getaway. The sports superstar brought the 47-year old singer on a romantic tour in Paris and other cities in France over the weekend. According to new publications, the entire trip may have cost the couple a whopping $358,129.41 at the end of it all.

Flying high

Getting to Paris alone may cost a lot of money for average couples, but Alex and Jennifer are, of course, no ordinary couple.

The pair reportedly traveled from Miami to Nice via a Private Fly Long Range Jet, which costs a staggering $81,580 for a one-way trip. A trip from Nice to Paris on a smaller jet was a measly $9,190 chunk of change when compared to the couple's return trip back to the US. A private flight via a Long Range Jet from Paris to Los Angeles costs around $94,450.

Racking up the bill

Since the couple was already going all-in with their travel expenses, the pair also used private VIP chauffeured cars during the trips around Nice, Monte Carlo, and Monaco. It's not yet known how much they spent on their tours within the different cities, but the couple may have spent a lot of greenbacks on their tour inside the Place du Casino (Casino Monte Carlo).

The inseparable pair then ended their first night with dinner at the La Chevre D'Or, which has preset menus of almost $300 per person.

The next day proved to be even more expensive as the couple toured the coast of France in a private 240-foot luxury yacht. The fully equipped vessel usually costs upwards of $500,000 to rent for a week, but seeing as that they only used the boat for two days, the couple likely only paid about $160,000 for the trip.

J. Lo showed off her ultra-toned body aboard the luxury yacht while she was wearing her $115 Mer Culture monokini.

Paris tour

After a trip to Antibes, Cannes, and St. Tropez, the couple then traveled to Paris and stayed at the Le Meurice Hotel. Based on the photos that were uploaded by the couple on social media, the pair likely stayed at the Presidential Apartment, which costs around $11,000 per night.

During their stay in the city, the couple went shopping in various high-end boutiques and then paid a visit to Louvre museum as well as other tourist sites. The couple was then spotted eating ice cream together at the Jardin Des Tuileries, with each cone costing the pair just $10.