By now it must have been said and repeated a thousand times just how DC Films and Warner Bros. “Wonder Woman” has made great strides with its June premiere across the world. It made records with regards to women in movie production and was the biggest box office opening for its director Patty Jenkins. The runaway success of the film starring Gal Gadot as Diana of Themyscira / Wonder Woman even spurred a round of congratulations from Warner-DC’s rivals at Disney-Marvel. The movie is even popularizing a new fashion trend based on one of its iconic scenes; that of Diana sneaking into an Imperial German ball in a dress with her sword tucked at her back.

Social media has erupted in photos of countless women replicating the feat.

Empowering image

Be it on Twitter or Instagram, dozens of photos are being shared that showcase women – and even young girls – who are copying Wonder Woman’s schtick of hiding a sword, prop or otherwise, down the back of their dresses. This new Fashion Statement is getting packaged with the hashtag #WWGotYourBack, a really affirming statement that pushes these ladies regardless of age to channel their inner Amazon in imitation of Gal Gadot as the world’s foremost super-heroine.

It says a great many things about this new internet craze when you hear that a bride was actually inspired to emulate the sword-in-the-gown, walking up the isle with a prop weapon tucked in her wedding dress.

The sword's hilt was positioned in between the shoulder blades the way other women and Gadot herself had done. It’s not just swords of every make and shape and straight blades similar to Wonder Woman’s that are being used. There are also girls from other fandoms who have tried sticking toy lightsabers and even Thor’s hammer down there.

Still going strong

Of course, not everybody who got on the #WWGotYourBack fad actually made sticking a sword into a dress look natural the way Gal Gadot did in that scene from "Wonder Woman." One of the many re-enactors who made use of a two-handed sword remarked how she hit her ceiling a few times with the weapon while sliding it in, then drawing it out of her dress. But that certainly didn’t stop many from trying it out and playing at being "Wonder Woman" for a few snapshots.

Wonder Woman”, starring Gadot, Chris Pine, David Thewlis and Danny Huston, is still running in theaters worldwide and has thus far grossed $640 million. It now ranks as the eighth-highest grossing film for 2017 and is thus far the best-received installment of the DC Extended Universe.