The fourth film of the DC Extended Universe, after "The Steelman", "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Suicide Squad" -- "Wonder Woman" -- will be landing on our screens on June 1st. The film differs from the others and lacks the blackness and dark humor that we are accustomed to.

The "Wonder Woman" movie seems to be mostly inspired by the past, by films such as "Thor" or "Captain America: the first Avenger," but most of all by "Superman," the original 1978 movie. The structural startup, our Princess Diana who lives in the Amazonian community of Themyscira, is very similar to Richard Donner's early Krypton movie segment.

Like the Superman played by Christopher Reeves, Diana wears the face of beautiful Gal Gadot, who is a bright lighthouse of hope in a gray world.

Clarke Kent / Lois Lane?

But Donner's most striking appeal is the relationship between Diana and Steve Trevor, an American pilot who rushes onto the island, touching her with the story of the horrors of the war conflict. The similarities have not been lost, and a cunning recasting of Clarke Kent / Lois Lane is apparent. In this case, it is Chris Pine, (who plays Steve Trevor), who is the Lois equivalent. He is impulsive, brilliant, and madly in love with the immortal goddess. But it is far more than that, as Steve also brings comical relief with his nonsensical narrative. Thanks to his spy role in the intriguing war, which also adds a dose of humor, this allows a lightening of the movie (perhaps too much?).The romanticism between Diana and Steve is so successful that it becomes the glue of the film.

Like Diana, Gadot is excellent, defining the goddess of an uncommon exuberance, ready for every challenge and is even fun.

Feminism and the extreme cruelty of man

The choice of setting the story during World War II could be considered a bit risky, but it allows the director (Patty Jenkins) to exploit and deepen themes such as female consciousness, feminism and the reaction against oppression.

It is a film about how evil men can be, from the smallest and most insignificant gestures to the greatest violence and wickedness capable in the whole world, all viewed from the innocent point of view of Diana, who is completely alien to those kind of events. Obviously not all of the film is wonderful, especially as the last twenty minutes unfortunately ends in the banal and the cliché.

All in all, however, this new Wonder Woman is convincing and is probably worth a watch. #wonderwomanmovie.

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