Warner Bros. -- the studio behind this summer's latest superhero epic -- has cited the tragic attack in Manchester as the reason they are cancelling next week's "Wonder Woman" premiere in London. Without saying it directly, it would seem that the studio and premiere organizers likely had concerns about security surrounding the event, as Britain's MI-5 raised the country's security level to "critical" in the wake of the violence.

London premiere scrapped, international promo continues

The news that the London premiere would be cancelled was delivered by Warner Bros.

in a short statement on Wednesday afternoon. In the brief release to the media, the studio cited the "current situation" in the U.K. as the reason behind the cancellation and went on to explain that both the "premiere and junket activities in London" would be scrapped from the schedule. (A junket is a series of interviews, usually over the course of several days, where those involved in a movie are able to speak with multiple media outlets from one location.)

All of the London events for "Wonder Woman" had been scheduled for the city's Leicester Square, an incredibly popular tourist area filled with restaurants and shops. The Square is also the main hub of London's International Film Festival each fall.

Word of the cancellation has not yet been posted on the movie's official Twitter feed, but since the release of the studio's statement, fans have been invited to attend the red carpet premiere in Los Angeles on May 25th. In fact, it would appear to be business as usual for the film, outside of the London cancellation, with actors still scheduled to appear on late night shows in both New York and L.A.

Film's release date remains unchanged

Despite the cancellation of the big premiere in the U.K., "Wonder Woman" is still scheduled to open in theaters across that country on June 1st.

There is no word from the studio regarding whether actors will be able to make up for the promotional time they will be losing in London, possibly via satellite with major media networks.

There is a lot riding on both Warner Bros. and the DC film universe to ensure the success of "Wonder Woman" on a global scale. As the first movie fronted by a solo female superhero, and the first big-budget superhero movie directed by a woman ("Monster"'s Patty Jenkins), the film represents a concept that most studios didn't think was possible (or marketable) for most of modern film making.

"Wonder Woman" will hit theaters in the U.S. on June 2nd.