Joy-Anna Duggar has only been married for a few days, but she and her new husband, Austin Forsyth, are already talking publicly about having kids. But then again, that is how it goes for the "19 Kids and Counting" family. It is all about getting hitched and bearing children. Older sisters, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, both were pregnant with their first child within the first three months after marriage. However, Jinger has broken that mold. As far as anyone knows right now, she is still not with child. Will she announce her first pregnancy, or will her younger sister beat her to it?

Are Jinger and Jeremy waiting?

The Vuolos were asked right away when they are thinking about starting a family. Their response was that whenever the Lord blesses them with children. That is also Joy and Austin's response as well. It is no secret that the Duggar Family rely on their faith in every aspect of their lives, even child bearing. However, it could very well be that Jinger and Jeremy have chosen to be a family of two for a while longer instead of jumping into the kid pool. After all, Jinger did break out of the Duggar dress code and started wearing pants after she got married.

However, it is also likely that it just hasn't happened just yet for this reality couple. Not every woman is able to conceive right away like Jill and Jessa did.

Whatever happens, Duggar fans are anxiously waiting for some baby news very soon. There have been plenty of speculations floating around that Jinger has been seen with a baby bump, but nothing has come of it just yet.

Will Joy join the pregnancy club first?

Even though Joy-Anna Duggar is only 19, she told People Magazine that she and her new husband are ready to start their brood.

They shared that they were excited to have kids and that they will just see what the Lord holds for them in the future. It also sounds like there may not be any limit as to how many she and Austin are planning on having. They could even surpass her parents' total of 19 kids.

The future awaits

Whichever newlywed gets pregnant first, the other will one will definitely be happy for her sister.

Jinger and Jeremy seem to be the most likely couple to have their first baby, but the way it is going, Joy may just surprise everyone and make an announcement in the next two or three months.

Although it doesn't really matter at all whether Joy or Jinger gets pregnant first, "Counting On" fans are getting excited to see what happens next for these two girls. Be sure to catch the wedding of Joy-Anna and Austin on the new season premiere on June 12 on TLC.