Once you've finished a TV show you enjoy, there is always the question of what to watch next. This is the case for "The White Princess" fans. There aren't many shows with a similar feeling or focus, and very few that focus on real history. The good news is there are a few options available. Some of these are nearing their end, but if you haven't watched them yet there are plenty of episodes to catch up on.

'Reign' about Mary, Queen of Scots

Let's start with a series that is focused on a similar time period. "Reign" is set around 50 years from the end of "The White Princess" give or take a few years.

It's about Mary, Queen of Scots, a descendant of Lizzie. She has to navigate the waters of the French court, which is ruled over by her hateful mother-in-law-to-be Catherine de Medici. The show has just two episodes left, but there is three seasons worth of material on Netflix right now.

The prequel 'The White Queen'

You may not have realized that "The White Princess" was the second of two adaptations of Philippa Gregory's work. In 2013, Starz worked with British network BBC to create "The White Queen," based on the book of the same name as well as "The Red Queen" and "The Kingmaker's Daughter." The 10-episode miniseries tells the stories of Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort, and Anne Neville as they decide on the sides to fight on during the Wars of the Roses.

Viking series 'The Last Kingdom'

For those who want to go further back in history, "The Last Kingdom" is a series to watch. It is currently available on Netflix and is only in its second season. Based on the Saxon novel series by Bernard Cornwall there are plans currently in place for a third season. Cornwall says he has six more novels for BBC to currently adapt and is working on two more.

He is more than happy for his stories to be told on the small screen. The stories tell the tale of Uhtred, who is a Saxon raised as a Dane, during the time that Britain was separated into numerous kingdoms.

'The Hollow Crown' series for Shakespeare adaptations

BBC is back on the list again. This time it's for the series of Shakespeare play adaptations called "The Hollow Crown." Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeremy Irons, and Tom Hiddleston have starred in the series that tells the stories of the likes of Henry V, Richard II, and Richard III of England. It is unclear just how many more episodes the BBC plans to do, but there are plenty of Shakespeare plays to film for TV.