Last month, Microsoft announced the fastest pen they ever had, the Surface Pen. Along with it, the company also announced the Surface Pro tablet and having these both together will give you the feeling of writing on paper.

The good news is that it is now open for pre-order on the Microsoft Store online. The pen is available in different colors like black, blue, silver, and burgundy. Further, the company has also confirmed that the platinum version of the said product is set to be released on June 15.

Multi-function pen

This newest Surface Pen will allow users to enjoy its multiple functions.

It will make you feel writing as never been comfortable than before. The pen also has the so-called tilt feature which enables users to shade something aside from using it to write on the tablet Pro.

Microsoft has also enhanced the shading feature of the Surface Pen. It allows users to point and tilt without having to experience a distinctive delay on the device. Further, it also has a double speed compared to the older model. It can handle faster tilting, shading, and writing in the most convenient way.

On the brighter side, the Surface Pen has been made compatible with other surface devices. However, some of its features like tilting will no longer work on the old gadgets. Also, this new product will work well with Surface Pro tablets.

Further, Microsoft also plans to add some features that will make it work to other Surface Studio desktops later this year.

New stylus with new features

Microsoft sees to it that they'll be able to launch a pen that will do more than just writing. This newest Surface Pen is packed with new features that are closely in line with Apple's pencil.

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The company has made sure to launch a pen with enhanced abilities that will also work well with older devices.

The pen is known to have 4,096 pressure levels with a much-improved tilt detection control. Anyone can opt to avail for its pre-order period that cost around $99.99. After which, the shipment will be delivered straight to your home.

For the meantime, the wild colors are not yet available for purchase. Nevertheless, the platinum colors are currently available for grabs.

Its newest features will allow users to an improved control over the compatible applications on their tablet. It is packed with an enhanced writing feature without having to feel lag at all. Microsoft users are going to maximize the time spent for work with this acclaimed "fastest pen" that Microsoft has ever had.