"The Exorcist" will be returning on Fox for a second season in the fall but some of its stars, including Geena Davis (Angela Rance), will no longer be in it. A report from TV Line confirmed Davis, Alan Ruck (Henry Rance), Hannah Kasulka (Casey Rance) and Brianne Howey (Kat Rance) have not signed on and a new family will replace the Rances.

Confirmed to still be in "The Exorcist" season 2 are Alfonso Herrera (Father Tomas Ortega), Ben Daniels (Father Marcus Keane) and Kurt Egyiawan (Father Bennett). The casting changes, however, comes as no surprise to the show's followers since the story on the Rance family was properly given closure in the first season.

What will season 2 be about?

Show creator Jeremy Slater revealed to the press in 2016 that a new family or case could tie up the priests after helping the Rances. At that time "The Exorcist" season 1 was still in the middle of its run but the writers have already started planning season 2.

"Our challenge now is to create a new family that you care about just as much as the Rances," Jeremy Slater said. "To find ways to make their story feel just as compelling and unique as what came before." However, the Rances -- or at least one or two family members -- could still have a brief appearance in "The Exorcist" season 2.

Teaching an apprentice

Slater already pitched his story idea to Fox for the new season, but no details have been released so far.

Speculations for "The Exorcist" season 2 might involve Father Marcus taking Father Thomas as his apprentice and teaching him about deeper aspects of exorcism, as hinted in the season finale. Reports also hinted the upcoming season might be under a new showrunner but the network has not made any announcements regarding this as well.

Praises for 'The Exorcist'

The series, which premiered on September 2016, received praises from critics. Based off the franchise that started with the 1973 film starring Linda Blair, the show was recognized with various awards, such as Best New TV Drama and Best Horror TV Show. Geena Davis was also critically lauded for her performance as the Rance matriarch whose daughter was possessed by a demon.

Ratings for the show, however, has been lackluster despite the good reviews. Fox has set the return of "The Exorcist" on Friday evenings but its specific premiere date has not yet been announced. The show is produced by 20th Century Fox Television, Morgan Creek Productions, and New Neighborhood.