When Wyatt first came to Los Angeles, he fell for Hope Logan even though she was with his brother, and pursued her. The same thing happened with Steffy. Spoilers for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that Wyatt may be considering going after Sally -- who is committed to Thomas. If viewers have been paying attention there have been subtle changes in Wyatt in recent weeks. Quinn's baby boy may turn out to be more like his father than anyone realizes. Wyatt may be harboring the worst of both his mother and Dollar Bill Spencer deep inside.

Wyatt's subtle changes

Wyatt began changing after Liam and Steffy were married. He was shown often sitting in his father's office with a new hairstyle, and his attitude was less playful and more sarcastic. Wyatt even sided with Bill when he wanted to shut down Spectra Fashions to build his skyscraper. Wyatt laughed and agreed with Bill -- who called Liam a boy scout because he felt that Sally Spectra got a raw deal -- and told his brother that Bill scheming to get ownership of the Spectra building was just business.

Wyatt also perked up each time Sally Spectra's name was mentioned in his father's office. He even said once that he admired her. Spoilers imply that Wyatt may give Thomas some competition, however, Wyatt and Sally have not even met yet.

These subtle changes in attitude and hairstyle may be the prelude to something darker down the road. After all, right now Wyatt is the odd man out in his family. His father just married Brooke, Liam and Steffy are happy, and his mom Quinn is married to Eric and living in the Forrester mansion. Wyatt is the odd man out.

What the future holds for Wyatt

If "The Bold and the Beautiful" holds true to their usual method, Wyatt will try again with Ivy/Hope Logan will return from Paris. This show has a running theme of love triangles, including Liam, Steffy, and Wyatt, and Liam, Steffy, and Hope. At one point it was Ivy, Liam, and Wyatt. it's time to see these young people in relationships that do not include a third person.

If indeed Wyatt is headed to the dark side everyone needs to be on guard. He is the son of two of the most dastardly people on the show. Both Bill and Quinn think nothing of stepping on people to get what they want. Fans probably will not want to see Wyatt become a chip off the old block but it's in his DNA. The question is: Will he try to break up Liam and Steffy, or will he turn his attention to Sally and Thomas? Fans will know soon enough.