A little while ago I wrote about how a conservative writer named Stephen Miller bought a ticket to one of the illegal all-female screenings of “Wonder Woman” and hence put a torch to social media. It seems that Mr. Miller has seen the movie and is alive to report the experience in the pages of Heat Street.

How was Stephen Miller greeted at the Alamo Drafthouse?

The reality of Miller’s reception at the movie theater was far short of expectations, not to mention the fond hopes of some of his Twitter haters. He presented his ticket and was duly admitted to the auditorium in which apparently he was the only person of the male gender present.

The management did not try to physically bar his way. Hordes of outraged harpies did not try to drag Miller from his seat and pummel him in the lobby for daring to trespass on an all-girl safe space. The movie going experience was altogether an agreeable one.

The peaceful experience was largely because of Miller’s insistence on not making a big deal about his attendance outside of Twitter. He refused an offer from “The Daily Show” of a camera crew and interview requests from a variety of news venues. He had made his point on social media. He was becomingly reluctant to cause a ruckus at the theater that might have gotten ugly for all concerned.

So, how was ‘Wonder Woman?’

In a word, stephen miller loved the movie, pronouncing it the best DC superhero film since “The Dark Knight” which is praise indeed.

Patty Jenkins, he said, was such a great director that she should get all of the future DC superhero movies, not just the ones with Wonder Woman in it. He also noted that Gal Gadot, as the title character, has brought a sense of fun to smiting evil, whether it consists of German soldiers or the god Ares. Unlike some of her fans in the entertainment media, Wonder Woman neither hates men or mankind.

Miller also noted that most of the audience seemed to be decidedly heterosexual, noting the squeals of delight when, during a trailer, Jason Momoa rose from the ocean as Aquaman, sweat glistening from his naked chest. The oohs and aahs sounded again when Chris Pine, as Wonder Woman’s love interest, emerged naked from a bath. Clearly, he suggested, a lot of objectifying was going on.

So, the consensus seems to be, with the exception of a few nut cases with too much access to the Internet, that “Wonder Woman” should be enjoyed by all genders, real and assumed. I will have my own report after finally seeing the show this weekend.

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