On Tuesday and Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful" viewers may have noticed Wyatt getting chummy with his former stepmother Katie. He even stopped by her house and gave her a toy for his half-brother Will. Spoiler alerts indicate that Katie and Wyatt may become more than friends. If they do, Wyatt will definitely be a chip off the old block. His father, Bill Spencer has provided the example for the way his son chooses the women he dates.

The Spencer men continue to date and marry the same women

The Spencer men continuously find themselves involved with the same women.

Bill divorced Katie to marry her sister Brooke. Wyatt was once engaged to Brooke's daughter Hope, who at one time was about to marry Bill's son and Wyatt's half-brother, Liam. Wyatt was briefly married to Steffy, but the marriage was annulled. Steffy is now married to Liam. A few years back Steffy had her sights set on Dollar Bill but nothing came of it.

Katie and Brooke both were married to Steffy's dad Ridge. And Ivy has dated both Wyatt and Liam. There is also the fact that Wyatt's mom Quinn came back to town trying to rekindle her romance with Bill, then later was involved with Liam. She is now married to Eric Forrester who also had been married to Brooke. Recently, Katie seemed to be developing feelings for Eric, so these folks keep it all in the family.

For this reason, it would almost be normal for Katie and Wyatt to wind up together.

In addition to the family dynamic, Katie now has Wyatt's old job at "Forrester Creations." so they will have a lot in common. Katie will probably seek his expert opinion from time to time. Should the relationship progress little Will's big brother Wyatt would become his step-father, and Katie would go from being Liam's step-mother to his sister-in-law.

Wyatt and Katie have something in common

There is something else that may bond Wyatt and Katie if the spoiler alerts are correct. Both of them seem to come out on the bottom. Katie and Wyatt have to deal with the fact that their siblings seem to always find love with the person they thought they would be spending the rest of their lives with.

Both of them seem to end up with the short end of the stick where relationships are concerned. Liam is married to Steffy and Bill is married to Brooke. Dollar Bill Spencer would probably feel some kind of way about his son dating his ex-wife and the mother of his youngest son becoming his possible daughter-in-law. This new couple should be given a chance because both Wyatt and Katie simply want to be loved with no strings attached.