Everyone was shocked when Ben Higgins and lauren bushnell separated as they were one of the power couples from "The Bachelor." At first, it was a mere rumor but it appears that the breakup was indeed final when Bushnell left Higgins's home. Although the split is amicable, Higgins feels empty because Bushnell is no longer by his side.

Feeling sad

In a preview clip from a new podcast with fellow "Bachelor" alum Ashley Iaconetti in "Ben and Ashley: Almost Famous," which will premiere on May 22, Higgins expressed his sadness about the breakup. He used the metaphor that his house is empty -- as Bushnell has taken all the furniture with her and Higgins is sad without her in his life.

The former "The Bachelor" star said that everything is still fresh as he talks about it and that it is tough as it is the largest part of his life. He added that saying goodbye was hard especially as he believed that Bushnell is the one for him.

He said that it is hard to look around his house knowing that she will not be there. He compared his emptiness to their house saying that he is mourning and empty. Without the love of his life, he will just have a bonding time between himself and his house.

An empty house

It is said that the only thing left in Higgins's home is a TV, a wicker chair, a bed and a whiskey cart. He even referred to the chair as not comfortable and is similar to how uncomfortable his life is right now.

laconetti said that Higgins showed her a photo of his pad which looks totally empty after Bushnell took away all her stuff and all the furniture. In the photo, all that Iaconetti saw is a mirror on the wall which according to her, "screams heartbroken." Good thing that instead of lurking in a corner, Higgins is buying new furniture for his home which will hopefully lessen his sadness a bit.

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The curse

With the breakup of Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, "The Bachelor" curse once again happened. It is said that couples who are engaged in the show end up in separation. Although many expected their relationships to last longer, it still didn't work out even when they tried to settle things.

While Higgins is left heartbroken and lonely, it appears that his ex-fiance has moved on.

She will move from Colorado and back to Southern Carolina. She also aspires to be a model and is planning to start her own clothing line.

Other couples from the reality show that headed to 'Splitsville' are Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, Emily Maynard and Brad Womack and Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell.