"Reign" isn't known for its historical accuracy, but it has stuck to the bones of the story. Throughout the years, Francis has died, Mary has returned to Scotland, and James was banished from court. However, the fourth season may be the most disappointing of the lot as it struggles to fit the rest of Mary's life into the episodes that are left. In fact, the series finale is on June 16 and there are 20 years left of Mary's life to fit in! The final season should have been better planned.

Too much focus on Lord Darnley

It has taken 15 episodes for Mary to give birth to her son, Prince James.

This is something that should have happened much earlier in the season to be able to fit everything in. There was too much focus on Lord Darnley, setting up his story to become the main enemy of Mary and bring about his madness.

The real murder of Lord Darnley is one of the most intriguing elements of Scottish history. While Bothwell was later found guilty of it, it was never proven if Mary was part of the murder. Did she order it or not? This is something that "Reign" could have had a lot of fun telling during the season.

There was more to Mary's life than Darnley

The final season has been about Darnley causing problems for Mary. Sure, Mary, Queen of Scots' downfall is a major story in her life.

However, there isn't just the initial downfall that plays a part in her intriguing and devastating life. Mary attempted to get her throne back. She went up against her half-brother to take back her Scottish throne and force the Protestants to wait until her death for Prince James to become king.

This can't happen in just the one episode that is left.

Not including it will upset a lot of fans, who wanted to see how Mary's half-brother James could go from friend to foe so quickly. It also means that Mary's plea for help from Elizabeth doesn't mean as much. Sure, that letter was heartfelt and beautiful in episode 15, but it could have been so much more.

The Babington Plot can't take place

The final nail in Mary's coffin was The Babington Plot. This was the failed plot to execute Elizabeth I of England in 1586. It was the plot that Mary was accused of dealing in to help get both thrones of England and Scotland. Elizabeth had no choice but to sign Mary's death warrant.

Without this plot, Mary's execution won't have the same sadness. Fans also won't get to see the plot play out to see if the writers would make Mary part of the plot or an innocent pawn.

"Reign" season 4 could have been better planned. Right now, it does look like the series finale is going to be disappointing.

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