Amber Portwood rose to popularity on the hit MTV show "Teen Moms." Now starring in "Teen Mom OG," Amber is due to get married to fiancé Matt Baier, but recent allegations have surfaced that he made advances towards another woman. These rumors came back to Amber and the trust between the pair was damaged. Amber decided that if Matt passed a Lie Detector test, she would happy to admit she was wrong to think he would ever cheat on her.

The rumor that caused the rift between Amber and Matt

When Amber Portwood was enjoying the Teen Mom show with "Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry she received news from a girl.

This unnamed individual claimed that Matt Baier had made advances towards her and tried to sleep with her. Amber was horrified by the news and her trust for her fiancé was called into question. The star knew she could not go ahead with their marriage unless she knew the truth. This is what leads to the polygraph test which was aired live on the show.

The polygraph test aired on Monday's episode of "Teen Mom OG." Baier agreed to take the test and Amber was told by the polygraph tester that he was extremely cooperative in the process. Matt was asked such questions as if he had engaged in sexual relations or communications with any other woman. He passed the first two questions, however, when asked if he had made sexual advances towards another person he answered "no" and the test said that this was a lie.

Is the relationship between Amber and Matt over?

Amber was devastated by the news. She began to shout at her fiancé and was restrained by MTV security when she tried to lunge at him. Portwood stormed from the room and punched a wall next to an elevator before she was restrained by producer Kiki. Portwood broke down completely in the elevator where she was supported by Kiki.

Baier tried to reach out to Portwood outside of the facility where the polygraph took place. Amber was too angry to converse with her fiancé, instead shouting profanities at the man who lied to her. Amber left the facility in tears and wondered how she was going to break the news to her daughter, who viewed Matt as her step-father.

Amber was furious that she wasted so many years of her life with a man who she would never be able to trust.

As to whether or not the pair is over Amber Portwood has stated that they are working things out. This could mean that they are trying to fix their relationship. According to E! News, the pair had recently booked themselves into a marriage boot camp.