'Survivor's Remorse' fans get ready for the Season 4 return of the Calloway family. Starz has just released the season 4 trailer and it is chocked full of all the drama, humor and excitement that fans have grown to expect from the popular Mike O'Malley and LeBron James produced hit series.

The Calloways will return to Starz for season 4 on August 20. Plan on it being a hot summer for Starz. In season 4 we are going to pick up right where we left off with Cam and Mary Charles and Reggie dealing with the drama of Cam's pro-NBA career, their family relationships, especially where their fathers are concerned.

For those of you who haven't seen "Survivor's Remorse" here is a rundown of what the show is all about. The show centers around the basketball career of Cam Calloway and his family, Following Cam receiving a huge professional basketball contract, he moves his family to Atlanta. The series is produced by Cleveland Cav's star LeBron James so you know the basketball series comes from a place that is near and dear to LBJ's heart.

Needless to say, the Calloways all have a hard time adjusting to the new success that Cam is sharing with his family so things tend to get pretty out of hand for everyone. Not only is the once poor family adjusting to all the millions Cam is now making, they are a pretty dysfunctional family and have a lot of family secrets and baggage to deal with.

This show is a must see and has quickly become one of the most popular cable television shows of the decade. Fans can catch up on all three of the past seasons on Starz before the big season four premiere on August 20th.

"Survivor's Remorse" stars Jessie T. Usher as Cam Calloway, RonReaco Lee as Reggie Vaughn, Erica Ash as Mary Charles "M-Chuck" Calloway, Cam's sister, Teyonah Parris as Missy Vaughn, Arnold as Cassie Calloway Cam's mother.

Those of you may remember Tichina Arnold on the hit comedy shows "Martin" and as the mom on "Everybody Hates Chris."

You can expect to see a lot of awesome cameo appearances by celebrities and NBA stars, even LeBron makes his way to the series during an interesting poker game.

Season 4 details

In the upcoming season 4, M-Chuck is having a hard time dealing with the news that she is a child of rape, Reggie is trying to rekindle his relationship with his alcoholic dad, and Cam is still adjusting to all that comes and is expected from him as a NBA star.

You are not going to want to miss this show. Be sure to mark your calendars for August 20th when " returns to the Starz Sunday night line up.