"Survivor's Remorse" the hit comedy drama on Starz just got real. If you are a fan and haven't watched this past weekend's latest episode then now is the time to turn back because some major spoilers are about to be revealed. If you have yet to watch the series, may we suggest that you do because it is addictive!

Calloway catastrophe is coming from all directions on "Survivor's Remorse!"

With only one more episode left in season three things just took a super dramatic turn after Mary Charles went to Cam asking for money to hire a private investigator to find out who her father is finally.

Cam tells M-Chuck that he will have to think about it because he believes this move could unleash a whole new hell onto the family, one that will be hard to handle.

Cam thinks it over and decides to try one more time to get the info from his mom before she leaves for China. Cam gets more than he bargained for when Cassie tells him about the night she became pregnant with Mary Charles.

She reveals she was only 15-years-old when she sneaks off to a party with her friends, where she got very drunk, black out drunk, and gets separated from her girls.She then proceeds to tell her son that she was then taken to another party where a group of boys she never saw before raped her several times and that she has no idea who Mary Charles' father is at all.

Talk about a shocker!

"Survivor's Remorse" season three finale, who will survive?

Reggie also gets a huge blow to deal with. While out on a romantic picnic with Missy, she gets a phone call from a man claiming he is Trent Vaughn, Reggie's father. He tells Missy that he is in Atlanta and that he has been sober now for five years and he wants to see Reggie make amends asking her to help him.

Missy tells Regie about the call just as they are about to get busy in a secluded area of the park. This is a total shock and mood killer for Reggie, and Reggie tells her he wants nothing to do with Trent! Meanwhile, Cam is having a hard time with the information his mom shared with him, so he heads to Uncle Julius' room to invade his drug stash.

He begins hallucinating and talks to his unborn fetus son that was aborted after he and his high school love, who just also happened to be his basketball coaches daughter, decided to abort after they found themselves with an unplanned pregnancy.

He continues to trip as his unborn fetus begins arguing with the stuffed deer mounted on the wall, the same one that Uncle J shot and killed when they first came to Atlanta.Cam calls Reggie asking him for help asap.

Reggie comes to Cam's rescue pumping him full of water and scolds him about smoking the weed, and mistakenly taking two of the "breath mints" he found with the drug stash. The mints were actually LSD and Reggie is ticked with Cam who has his last drug test of the season coming up and the Championships.

This could spell big trouble for our young NBA star!

This weekend is the season three finale of "Survivor's Remorse" and it looks to be a good one! Reggie is going to meet up with his father, and this could prove to be a huge mistake for the entire family! Trent Vaughn could just be playing on Reggie's mixed emotions and may be planning a big scam on the Calloway family, one that could leave all emotionally and financially devastated.

Cam's first trip to the NBA championships looks bleak for the superstar. Cam looks to start out a little over confident but sadly chokes under all the pressure and struggles with knowing his mother was raped, and what he will tell Mary Charles. All in all, it has been an addictive season for "Survivor's Remorse" fans who will be awaiting the season four return on the edge of their seats to see just what lies ahead for the Calloway family.

How do you believe the family will handle all the drama set to unfold in their lives, will they stand united, or will the strong family bond begin to unravel? "Survivor's Remorse" airs on Starz.