Kevin Bacon is now onboard on the newest TV adaptation for "tremors" on Syfy. He will not only return as a lead star but as one of the executive producers for the project. Read on for more details.

Kevin Bacon stars in 'Tremors' TV reboot

The 58-year-old actor brings out the 90's nostalgia as he stars in the upcoming reboot of the sci-fi movie of the same name. He is set to fight the mysterious killer worms which wrecked havoc in the 1990 film. He makes his small screen comeback since his Amazon series "I Love Dick" in 2016.

Bacon first announced his interest in reprising his well-known movie role for a TV show.

"Let's kick some Graboid ass!", he said. “This is the only character I've played that I've ever thought about revisiting. I just got to thinking, where would this guy end up after 25 years?”

Who is Valentine McKee?

According to Hollywood Reporter, Bacon will yet again play the role of Valentine "Val" McKee. In the movie, Bacon is one of the protagonists who resides in Perfection, Nevada. He learned how to stop the underground monsters from killing his friends one by one.

The upcoming "Tremors" revival will pick up two decades after the first flick. Valentine, however, will also have other issues to solve including "battling age, alcohol, and a delusional hero complex."

Despite appearing for only the original film, the franchise followed the success for the other four installments without Kevin Bacon.

There have been several attempts for including him but these feats did not happen. The "Tremors" TV series will be the actor's most-awaited come back to the franchise after 25 years.

Third time's the charm for 'Tremors' starring Kevin Bacon

Aside from Bacon, there are several familiar names attached to the project. Andrew Miller ("The Secret Circle") will work on the script as the writer and showrunner.

Joining them are their fellow EPs, Jason Blum from Blumhouse and David Schiff.

Blumhouse TV and Universal Cable Television will produce the series. As of now, Bacon is the only actor attached to the said project.

The "Tremors" series starring Kevin Bacon is the cable network's third attempt at making a TV show based on the killer Graboid worms. The first one had 13 episodes before getting canceled and the second adaptation did not push through.

Are we ready for another "Tremors" TV? Will Kevin Bacon help with the show's success? Stay tuned for more updates on Kevin BAckon and his upcoming sci-fi show on SyFy.

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