On Monday, June 26, Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie announced that their youngest daughter, Lori, is engaged to Memphis Depay, whom Steve calls "a good man." People saw Lori and Memphis on "Celebrity Family Feud" on Sunday, June 25 and viewers saw the chemistry between the two young people and sensed something was going on. They are engaged now but were not at the time the game show was filmed and aired.

'Celebrity Family Feud'

Members of Steve Harvey's family were contestants on "Celebrity Family Feud" on Sunday, June 25. There were enough of them to have two teams playing against each other.

His wife, Marjorie, was on the team with all the Harvey boys including sons and sons-in-law. The Harvey women were on the other team, including Marjorie's mother.

The Harvey family was a good looking group, but they were not good players. In fact, they were so bad that Steve apologized on their behalf.

The way they were lined up, the spouses went to the podium to play against each other. When Lori, the youngest daughter, went to play, she was kissed by a good looking man. It turns out that they are now engaged.

Lori and Memphis

Steve Harvey's youngest stepdaughter Lori posted news about her engagement on social media last Saturday. Her future husband is 23-year-old Dutch professional soccer star Memphis Depay.

He also posted the announcement and photos on his social media account.

Lori added another post saying that they are young, but since they are in love they see no reason to wait. She made it known that she is not pregnant and won't be anytime soon.

Harvey's blended family

Steve and Marjorie have always been transparent about their blended family, which seems to have a lot of fun together.

In May 2016, they gave an exclusive interview to People magazine about how it has worked for them. Marjorie had three children when she married Steve in 2007. Steve had four children from two previous marriages.

Steve's adult children include a son named after him, Broderick, 26, from his first wife Marcia Harvey, and his youngest son Wynton, 19, from his second marriage to Mary Shackelford. Also from his first marriage, he has twin daughters, 34-year-old Brandi and Karli. Marjorie's adult children include Morgan, 30, Jason, 25, and Lori, 20, from a previous marriage.

Steve, 60, and Marjorie, 52, claim all seven adult children as one happy blended family. Marjorie said she and Steve are Mom and Dad to everybody.