Steve Harvey has finally relocated to Los Angeles, and he took only a few members of his Chicago staff with him. His former employees say they are glad he is gone. To Harvey they say, "Good riddance!" indicating that they are free from the boss who was a total nightmare.

The memo

Harvey's former staff alleged that the host of the daytime Talk Show had been mistreating them. Some of it was made public weeks before he left when a memo was leaked with a long list of do's and don'ts. In essence, he told his staffers to give him privacy and speak to him only when he tells them to do so.

He told them not to bother him in his dressing room or stop him in the hall. After the memo made news, Harvey defended himself and said he was not going to apologize because he had every right to do what he did.

Even though they accused the television personality of treating them horribly they gave him a going away party, but the guest of honor did not show up.


It was also reported that Harvey didn't tell his staffers he was relocating, and that they were being laid off. They were told by his producer. Even though the former employees are out of a job, they believe it is a blessing in disguise. They are now free from being under his thumb.

The Chicago team revealed they are more relieved than sad to be left behind by the boss they had worked with for many years.

The staffers who didn't go with him concluded that they would rather be unemployed than to continue working for him.

In Los Angeles

Harvey's new show is called "Steve" with a new format. In an interview earlier, the 60-year-old television personality said he will be able to have more celebrities as guests by being in Los Angeles.

Also, he will have a bigger stake and more control over his show because he will be one of the executive producers. "Steve" will premiere on September 5, 2017, and will air on NBC-owned stations and other stations.

Other than his daytime talk show coming to NBC, Harvey already hosts NBC's "Little Big Shots" and ABC’s “Celebrity Family Feud,” the syndicated game show “Family Feud” and his daily weekday morning radio program “Steve Harvey Morning Show.” In addition to all that, he will host Fox’s upcoming “Showtime at the Apollo.”

Harvey's fans wish him the best with his show in Los Angeles.

They look forward to seeing how different it will be and who will be his first guests. Steve has said his new show will be nothing like his last one, and he is looking forward to doing what he does best and that is hosting a successful talk show.