The morning after the horrific terrorist attacks on London left seven dead and dozens injured, it was only a matter of time before cable news outlets put their own spin on the story to fit their partisan narrative. Over on Fox News, two network contributors decided to bring up the idea of potential interment of Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Fox News on London

For the third time in as many months, an apparent Islamic terrorist attack has taken place in London. On Saturday night, at least three suspects acted out in terror at and around the London Bridge, killing seven people and injuring many more in the process.

One man drove his van into a crowd of people on the bridge, while multiple knife attacks took place not far from the location at hand. According to most recent reports out of the BBC, 12 individuals have been arrested in relation to the London attacks, which occurred at an east London flat that belong to the initial three suspects. Prime Minister Teresa May was quick to condemn what took place, saying "enough is enough," while London Mayor Sadiq Khan offered similar sediments. In the hours since the attack, different news outlets have offered a wide range of reporting on the issue, including a controversial view over on Fox News which took place during a June 4 broadcast.

During the Sunday morning edition of "Fox & Friends" on Fox News, two network contributors brought up the possibility of Muslim "internment" in an attempt to curb the growing threat of radical islamic terrorism.

One guest was Nigel Farage, the British politician that campaigned on support of Brexit, who took a hard-line stance following the latest terrorist attack, saying, "A lot of people have abused the word refugee." Farage went on to detail the trouble that the United Kingdom and much of Europe is having in dealing with terrorist activities, saying he hopes Teresa May "goes a lot further." "If there is not action, the calls for internment will grow," he added.

Not stopping there, Katie Hopkins of the Daily Mail was interview later on in the show, and said "we do need interment camps." "We need to start incarcerating, deporting, repeating until we clean this country up," she continued.

After the segment aired, the hosts of "Fox & Friends" were forced to issue an on-air apology due to backlash.

Moving forward

While not going as far as the aforementioned Fox News contributors, President Donald Trump used the London Bridge terrorist attacks to promote his controversial travel ban on Twitter, while blasting the Mayor of London in a follow-up tweet. Trump received criticism for his comments, though his supporters were quick to come to his defense.